Anybody else having this problem? I updated to the new beta, which caused my primary shop page to only show one of the items from the view. When I updated again to the new dev version, I got everything to show up again, but now the only link that works is the primary image. ( - just to give you an idea what I'm talking about). If I mouse over the thumbnails, I can see the link down at the bottom of the page, but clicking does nothing. Right clicking, however, allows me to choose all of the normal right click options.

The other weird thing is that on the edit views page I am able to click normally. It seems to only be a problem with the views display (I have tried making new displays after the update and also tried other methods, like block rather than page, to no avail). Any ideas?

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Also will add that I have version 6.16 of drupal, and this problem has occurred with both versions 2.10 and the latest dev version (released April 10th) of views

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So is your problem that when you click on the link in the thumbnail it doesn't go to the page? BTW for thumbnailhover you need to use the latest dev.

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For now in your advanced settings box in the slideshow settings you need to add:

allowPagerClickBubble: true

I'll look at adding an option.

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That should be added to the advanced options field?... Oh hell, now everything's screwed up....

No, it's not that suggestion. I think that actually worked. Something's messed with the css I think.

But thanks, because I think that actually worked.

And I do have the latest dev, and am using singleframe

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Ha! Ok, solves that. I think in trying to find the responsible setting I changed it from thumbnail hover to singleframe, right before I added the code you gave me. It was on thumbnail hover. Now it is again, and the layout is right (all the css divs that had thumbnailhover in the name kind of gave it away).


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Here is the patch that will be committed very soon. What it does is if you have the pager set to show on hover then it will allow clicking urls. If you have it set to click then it won't.

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