In #344046: Add Cleartype options in the settings page. a patch was committed that must not have been tested. The patch saves the string literals "true" or "false" to the database and loads these in to JQuery settings. Since "false" is evaluated to true in Javascript these settings are ignored and animations look horrible in IE6 with Cleartype enabled.

Attached is a patch to resolve this.

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Attachment is here

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Status: Patch (to be ported) » Needs work

The patch makes sense. We can't change the values so we'll have to evaluate the options. but I'll work on the patch.

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We can't change the values

What if you supplied a hook_update_n() which update all view displays with this type changed "false" to 0 and "true" to 1. This would keep the values consistent with the other settings.

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Status: Needs work » Fixed
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No hook_update for views settings unfortunately. To make the change I would have to make an exception in init() for views. It's possible to do, but then I would have to make an exception for whatever other views_slideshow module would need it. I think I will do a big change in a next major release. Here is the patch I committed.

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You can define your own update function that is called when update.php is run. You could just do a simply SQL query to get all views where views_rotator appears in the display_options. Load up the actual view and update the display settings. See

And according to Drupal's Javascript coding standards "Eval is evil" and you are probably better off just checking if == "true"

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Well you can't do hook_update_N for any views style plugin variables. You have to do an init() this is straight from merlinofchaos himself. As far as eval. We use it in one place already, but that is a requirement. It is not a requirement here so I'll use the checking for if it is "true".


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Committed the change to remove eval. Now using comparison. Thanks

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.