I am wanting to know if this module can read an OS Commerce mySQL database and be used to migrate the products as ubercart product classes, with their attributes, as well as their taxonomy, and inventory levels. Does it support Ubercart product fields? What about content_taxonomy CCK fields that are part of a product class?


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Hum... Yes and no. I did something like that some time ago, migrating products, classes, transactions, invoices, payments from an Access database to Ubercart.

Migrate does not, by default, let you assign ubercart fields.. but it's possible to use the hooks to provide that by yourself. I had to do a fair bit of coding, but it worked well.

The problem here is really that the migrated (incoming) data can be so different from one migration to another that it would require (what seems to me like) a lot of work to come up with a generic module. I guess I could help if you can give a bit more details... but you will probably need to find your way in ubercart's API.

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I would be willing to give you any details you needed! I am comparing this with using the Node Import module which does seem to support Ubercart product fields as well as content_taxonomy CCK fields.

I am importing a product set of roses. Each rose will be a node. It needs price, weight, picture, description for the main product. The product will then have a size attribute with 3 options (we could say small, medium, large). The default size is small, and the medium and large have different prices. Not all of the incoming roses will have all three sizes. At the very least it would be nice to import the Rose with the default size price and leave the options to manual input. Each rose also has 10 or so CCK fields (content_taxonomy) which describe the rose - height, size, color, shape, planting. We wanted the field to update the core vocabulary system so the roses would have fields describing them, but also create searchable URL's such as rose/class/X rose/color/Y and so on. I have already set this all up in Drupal/Ubercart and its working with NEW data, the issue is just getting the existing data in there :)

The data exists in Os commerce in three tables: products, products_to_products_extra_fields, and products_extra_fields. Products contains the basic information, products_to_products_extra_fields contains ID's of the product of and the extra field type, and then products_extra_fields contains 1 row per product field. There could be none, 1, or many of these product fields linking back to the main product. This table contains the rose's inventory level (per attribute! - small, medium, large!) as well as fields describing the roses' height, size, color, shape, planting (what we need to become CCK fields).

Now, I have full access to everything, and know a bit of SQL and have some tools that could dump things into .CSV. But it seems like its a major hassle to dump everything to .CSV and use Node Import to bring it back in. Was hoping Migrate could do some magic here - but I am clueless about how. If I could just do some or all of this that would all be a major improvement! Thank you so much for any help you might have to offer, and for the quick response.

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Support for contrib modules goes into the Migrate Extras module.

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OK, so to clarify - this is a feature request for Ubercart product support.

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