Hi, Im experiencing a weird problem.When a user register and fills up the fields in registration and then submits it, fields in the profile doesn't show when visiting the user profile page. But when a user fills up the fields in his profile(The same fields in the registration)the 2nd time when he is already a member, fields in the profile page already shows. Is this a bug or I just missed configuring something?

Im using APK 6.x-1.0-beta2 and content profile 6.x-1.0-beta4
Thank you.


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It depends on what you are using as user registration content type,
have you set the APK's uprofile as the default user profile or Content Profile's profile content type...

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I'm using content profile content type as user profiles. My problem is, when an anonymous user registers and he is in the user registration, my content profile content type field shows on registration and can be filled up. After submitting and he is already logged in, the profile fields that he fills up doesn't show. He again has to click profile then fill up the profile field again as if he didnt do it in the registration process.. after that, it shows. any idea?

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I'm having the same issue but not using apk. It seems the user profile is not saved registration but after registration all edits to the content profile are saved with no problem.

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I have the same issue. In my case new profile created during registration but not connected to new user. Maybe the problem in waiting for administrator approval.

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The same problem occurred for me when I enabled a Trigger to redirect "After a user has logged in" (Site Building-->Triggers-->Users). When I unassigned this Trigger, the profile data were saved.

There was a similar issue in another thread entitled "Issue with submitting the user registration form" where murari said "...The Login Destination Module is conflicting with the content profile especially if you are adding a complex redirection path with the "?destination=" enabled."

So, check for page redirects on login.