Last updated 16 March 2010. Created on 20 February 2010.
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The following items may need updating when you upgrade to Services 2.x

- Pluggable authentication - Authenticaton methods may now be added as contrib modules. For instance Services oAuth brings oAuth authentication to Services using this mechanism. As a part of this change the existing keyauth/session authentication was pulled into a separate module. As part of the update from 0.x or 1.x to 2.x, this module should have been enabled and all settings transferred. If this did not happen you should visit your modules page and enable the Key Authentication module under Services - Authentication, then visit admin/build/services/settings and choose "Key authentication" from the drop down labeled "Authentication module".

- Views.get - The views.get method in the Views Service module has changed since the dev release. This change may break some requests to the service. For more details on these changes see the following issues:

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