With the Text-Link-Ads module:

YOU can choose to approve or deny any Text Link Ads sold prior to the links being published on your website. This ensures that only quality and relevant links appear on your website.

You make money. Sales, invoicing, and customer service are all handled by TLA. You can receive payment via check or PayPal. Payments are sent to publishers the first of every month with a $25 minimum payout.

For more information see the Text-Link-Ads.com Publisher Program page.

Module features

  • Simplified setup right on your site. All you need is your Website XML Key from Text-Link-Ads.com and you're ready to start publishing ads.
  • A built-in tool to customize the looks of the ads, including borders, background color, link color and font size.
  • Access to your publisher statistics from within your website. See your site details, including how much money you've earned and how many links are being served.
  • Cron-based updates of your ads. The ad links are kept up to date via Drupal's cron functionality.
  • Update 10, November 2010- Support for multiple keys per site to allow per page targeting.

Getting started

  1. Install the module by placing it in the modules directory and enabling it from the admin/modules. No database changes are necessary.
  2. Sign up for a Text-Link-Ads.com publisher account and make note of your Website XML Key.
  3. Browse to the admin/settings/textlinkads page on your site. Enter the Website XML Key in the field of the same name.
  4. On the same page, enter the Ad Block Heading. Your links will be available as a block. The value you enter will be the title of the block. You may leave this field blank.
  5. On the same page, use the Text-Link-Ads Appearance Settings settings to customize the way your ad links look. Press Submit to save all of the settings for this page.
  6. Now you must enable the block that will show your ad links. Browse to the blocks administration page and enable the block entitled text link ads advertisments
  7. Your site will communicate with the Text-Link-Ads.com site every time cron.php is run. If you have already configured cron jobs for your site ads will start appearing in the block as soon as the next cron run completes (note that Text-Link-Ads.com must sell some links for your site first). If you don't have cron tasks enabled follow the directions found on Drupal.org for doing so. You may also consider installing the Poormanscron module to help.
  8. Once you have set everything up properly and Text-Link-Ads.com has sold some links on your site, you can monitor your statistics and earnings from your Drupal site. All that is required is the same password that you use to log onto the Text-Link-Ads.com site. Enjoy!

See Inlinks below


You can not run inlinks and standard TLAs on the same site. A separate module is available from inLinks Module Page for download.

Authors / Maintainers

Alan Evans
Robert Douglass
Khalid Baheyeldin
Greg Knaddison
Mike O'Connor
TLA Plugins Chris

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