The site admin logs a lot of times and spends hours setting up the site to their liking. Their page hits shouldn't be logged or at least it should be an option to disable their logging.

It would be nice if whole groups of users could be excluded. For instance, someone might want to exclude test/dummy users and groups that they generated using the devel module, since they are only used for testing purposes.

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klonos’s picture

Another thought is to count multiple visits from a single ip only once. This way the stats won't get 'polluted' by test visits during the site development. This could be made an option (a.k.a. checkbox in the module's settings page) as well.

Any thoughts people?

alexweber’s picture

I'm going to have to agree on this one, I spend a lot of time on my site making sure everythings ok and it distorts the statistics...

klonos’s picture

...glad to see this is getting some attention. A year after! ;)

I'm quite surprised at the fact that there are more than 4600 sites using this module and nobody has commented for so long.

klonos’s picture

...btw, this one and #650588: Add permission to view reports are the main reasons I stopped using the module in my latest setups.

greggles’s picture

I don't think this is really a worthwhile feature. But if you provide a patch that is more likely to help it get added than complaining about lack of action on the part of other people.

klonos’s picture

I know that complaining does not get things done Greg, but there's a good reason why in my profile it only states 'I help in the Drupal support forums' and there's no 'I contributed Drupal modules'. If I could 'speak drupal' fluently, I'd be happy to provide a patch for each of my feature requests, but I am afraid I am far from that point still. I'd say that at this point I am a little over the 'I kick ass' threshold ;)

alexweber’s picture

Hi greggles, I'm working on a patch to add checkboxes to allow/disallow user roles from being counted in the statistics.

I'll post back when it's done!

alexweber’s picture

3.93 KB

Here it is:

- add an extra form item in the browscap admin pages with checkboxes to select user roles to be monitored
- perform an additional check in hook_exit to only log if the user's role is allowed

Similar to the monitor browser checkbox, all role checkboxes are disabled by default.

alexweber’s picture

is anyone reading this? :S

klonos’s picture

I am! Just been too busy these days. I'll try to find some spare time (if such a thing actually exists) to test and report back.

alexweber’s picture

No problem, thanks! :)

edit: replied to wrong thread

alexweber’s picture

Sorry to keep at this I know you guys are all pretty busy.

I recently got CVS access to Drupal and am interesting in helping clear the issue queue, I'll work on some more patches for now but it'd be great to be able to help co-maintain this awesome module!

klonos’s picture

Ok, I've made some time to test #8, but there is still no way to exclude the site admin (considered one of the authenticated users).

alexweber’s picture

That's because what I've actually done is one better than the issue in question, IMO.

The request was to manually exclude the site admin's IP (which is a valid request but not necessarily the best way to go about this because the site admin might have a dynamic IP, access from different locations, etc)

The patch I submitted attempts to solve the problem by allowing user roles to be excluded. In order to exclude site admins you could just create an "admin" role, add admin user to that role and exclude the role.

It's a much more elegant approach and more in line with standard Drupal behavior.

-- Alex

klonos’s picture

Thanx for taking the time to reply Alex. I do understand the logic behind this and how roles are excluded (this might not be an issue for D7, since more than one users can be assigned the admin right/role). Perhaps the title of the issue is misleading but I was talking about checking against the logged in user's id and not the actual ip they come from (which can vary each time as you point out). I was more thinking/talking about:

*before ip is logged in the db* check against user id
- if uid = 1, then do not log ip in the db
- if uid <> 1, then log ip of current user in the db

Of course there has to be an option in the UI. Something like 'Do not log site admin's ip' or 'Exclude site admin from statistics'.

alexweber’s picture

Status: Active » Needs review
2.92 KB

Hi klonos, fair enough!

Here is a patch that does exactly that:

(I still think we should be able to exclude other roles but its a start!)

klonos’s picture

Title: option to exlude the site admin's account ip » option to exlude the site admin's account ip + option to monitor users by role

Oh, I didn't mean that your patch in #8 did not provide some useful feature Alex. It really does, because others might want to only log specific roles. So, give me some time to test your new patch that does what this feature request initially was about and then perhaps we can merge these two features(?) for a more complete feature set that will cover all tastes ;)

Thanx for all your time and effort on this.

klonos’s picture

Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

#16 works as advertised (setting this to RTBC since I seem to be the sole person following the progress of this request)! Thanx ;)

We won't need to go this way for D7, because as I've already said in #15, D7 uses role id (rid field in the role table) in order to be able to assign the site admin role to multiple users. So, in D7 the monitor-by-role way (patch in #8) will suffice.

greggles’s picture

Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs review

I'll defer in part to the other maintainers and if they feel it is worthwhile they can/should commit it, but I stand by my perspective:

I don't think this is really a worthwhile feature.

alexweber’s picture

No problem! It's been fun + great learning that eventually led to me getting my CVS and developing my own contribs, so thanks! :)

I'd be happy to submit another patch merging the 2 requests, just say the word.

-- Alex

klonos’s picture

@greggles, #19: not that I intent to argue or anything, but consider this: it might not seem like a lot of 'static' in the stats of a high-traffic site where the say 100 hits of the admin per day might be relatively non-important compared to the hundreds of thousands of hits of other visitors, but in low-traffic sites (like those in early development stage) having only 100 hits from other visitors and 1000 from the site admin does lead to misleading conclusions of which browser is preferred by actual visitors. This request was based on an actual problem I faced. It was not a simple 'it would be nice to have' thing.

As I said I seem to be the only one in need of this, so I won't argue if 'worthwhile' = not-popular. OTOH, it would be ungrateful of me to agree with such a comment when I know that Alex has spent his free time in order to do this -perhaps only- for me. I guess what I mean to say is that Alex has at least one 'happy customer', so if 'worthwhile' = useful, then I think it is worthwhile.

greggles’s picture

Sure, you are considering your use case. I'm considering the broader module use case.

For the site I care about that uses this performance is hugely important and this would (slighly) hurt performance.

I'm also considering the UI overhead of the feature against the value it provides. Every option added means users are more likely to be confused.

So, that's why I posted what I did so early on this to let people know that even if they work on it there's no guarantee it will be accepted.

klonos’s picture

Fair enough Greg.

beyond67’s picture

subscribing. Im favor this feature too.

lnunesbr’s picture

this is a nice to have feature...

alexweber’s picture

Just thought I'd kick the sleeping dog here again. No other maintainers in favour?

klonos’s picture

Title: option to exlude the site admin's account ip + option to monitor users by role » Option to exclude the site admin's account ip + option to monitor users by role

...minor typo in issue's title.

RobLoach’s picture

745 bytes

What if it were by role instead?.....Untested patch.

alexweber’s picture

There's a similar tested (at the time) patch in #8

oh damn, its a cvs patch lol :(

klonos’s picture

I'll try this as soon as I get a chance.

@Rob: a couple of questions though:

- Is this against 6.x, 7.x, both?
- I simply want to point you to posts #13 through #18 besides #8 (#16 has another patch). Especially the d7 vs. d6 admin user thing (multiple users assigned to the admin role in d7 I mean). Did you take that under account?

Thanx in advance for your time.

klonos’s picture

...haven't actually tested it yet, but looking at the code I can already see the benefit (far less code) in using the user permissions page instead of the module's settings/report page + I think it does take care of the d7 multiple admins thing too. Might not be the best place to have it though (thinking usability-wise)...

1st case (checkbox in the module's page): User realizes the issue -> ticks the 'exclude admin(s)' checkbox -> saves. Done!
2nd case (per-role checkboxes in permissions page): User realizes the issue -> needs to visit the site's permissions page -> ticks on the checkbox(es) -> saves -> goes back to the report page to actually see it working.

A major difference between these two ways to approach this issue (feature-wise) is that by going the permissions way multiple/various roles can be excluded from the reports (instead of admin(s) only).

Devin Carlson’s picture

Title: Option to exclude the site admin's account ip + option to monitor users by role » Add permission to bypass monitoring
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev
Assigned: Unassigned » Devin Carlson
980 bytes

Attached is an updated version of the patch from #28.

Devin Carlson’s picture

Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.x-dev
Status: Needs review » Patch (to be ported)

Committed to 7.x-1.x.

Devin Carlson’s picture

Status: Patch (to be ported) » Needs review
895 bytes

Backport of #32.

Devin Carlson’s picture

Status: Needs review » Fixed

Committed to 6.x-1.x.

klonos’s picture

Thanx Devin! less patch to "babysit" ;)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.