Is there a way to link to a specific node within my Views Slideshow? I don't want to view the node outside of the slideshow; I just want the slideshow to appear with this node "on top" instead of whatever would normally be there.

For example: in this Galleria demo if the URL has this anchor tag on the end the slideshow will open up to the lotus image instead of the default grass blades:


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Status: Active » Postponed

Postponing to look at a future version.

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Subscribing. This, I think, is becoming an important feature. Being able to link to an individual slide via a menu item would be better than awesome - it would be hawsome! Anything I can do to help make this feature happen?

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Although it doesn't work with 2.0 yet what you are looking for is

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Yes and no. I did look at that module and it looks like it would work but I found it didn't do exactly what I wanted (although, I can't test it since I did update to Views Slideshow 2.0 the other day). I suppose I could check it out again.

Let me test it out in a bit more detail and then I can document what I find.

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Version: 6.x-2.0-beta2 » 6.x-2.x-dev

It will be a nice feature if we can set a "view field" to be displayed at the end of url instead of "image name (shown in the example with galleria)"

So, if this feature will be implemented, the views slideshow urls will look like: (we will have a possibility to add both vocabulary and term names using Globals:custom text).

In this case the urls can increase the SEO ranking of the page, i think.

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Category: feature » support

1+ For anchor link to specific slide.

EDIT: I found this, that gives a simple way to do it with jquery.

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Category: support » feature

I have an argument for using of a "views field" instead of a simple anchor.

An example of use. Let's say that i have 2 views:

Views No.1 displays the list of terms (as links):
--BMW (http://mysite/views-slideshow#BMV)
--Mercedes (http://mysite/views-slideshow#Mercedes)
--Ford (http://mysite/views-slideshow#Ford)
--Audi (http://mysite/views-slideshow#Audi)

Views No.2 is a Views Slideshow which displays term's description.

Now, i would like to make possible the following scenario:
I click on the term name (Views NO.1 ) and i am redirected to a page where Views No.2 will show the description of that term to me.

It could be a very nice feature.

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Category: support » feature

boy we sure like to complicate things. ;) All this is doable and I have some thoughts on how, but I am not sure if this should be a 2.x or 3.x feature. I'm wary to add more features to 2.x code until I have at least 3.x out. Mainly because 3.x is going to be the version that will work for D7.

So for a timeline that I am most certain that I will not meet:

1) 2.2 will be out on June 20th.
2) 3.x will be ready for new features by the end of July.

If someone wants to put together a patch and let it linger here for the time being I am happy to have it.

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-3.x-dev

Moving to 3.x maybe will backport when completed.

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subscribing - this would be an amazing feature!

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Is this feature implemented in 3.x?

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No it is not.

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Version: 6.x-3.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Status: Postponed » Needs review
1.67 KB

Here is a patch that will work against 7.x Nothing will really change for 6.x, but will have to be applied manually.

This works in the form of [slideshowId]_[slideNum]
The slideshowId can be found when you look at a slide div. It will be something like views_slideshow_cycle_div_slideshow-cycle_0
In this case what you need is the ending portion slideshow-cycle_0.
The slideNum is the number of the slide 0 indexed.


If you have more than one slideshow on a page you can set a starting slide for each.


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This one is a little better. It changes a bit of the syntax so it'll work with version 2 better.

This works in the form of [slideshowId]:[slideNum]
The slideshowId can be found when you look at a slide div. It will be something like views_slideshow_cycle_div_slideshow-cycle_0
In this case what you need is the ending portion slideshow-cycle_0.
The slideNum is the number of the slide 0 indexed.

ex. would start on the second slide

If you have more than one slideshow on a page you can set a starting slide for each.


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Wouldn't an argument handler be better approach, so we can create slideshows that don't start at the first slide without custom coding?

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hmm didn't think of that. Only problem I can think of is that it would require extra work for slideshows that are blocks that's nothing new for other views items though. Would we be able to handle multiple slideshows on a single page? Never implemented an argument handler before.

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For blocks argument has always been a bit of pain (ppl had to put PHP code into the argument processing under d6, i dont know if this changed with d7).

Multiple slideshows should be fine, after all the argument is processed separately for each slideshow (this is actually better than the fixed url parsing via JS, because its the view that controls the starting slide, not the url).

I am happy to get cracking on this.

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Show me the way of the argument oh great snufkin

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on second thought arguments are not good for this, they would just limit the result set. It would perhaps be possible to alter the view in hook_views_pre_render, or accept PHP code in the slideshow configuration for the starting slide.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

I'm going to go with the current implementation. If anyone comes up with something better I'd be willing to look at the patch.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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so how would you update the url when a prev/next or thumb is clicked?

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I don't. Probably should. Will have to look at it further. I think only supported on newer browsers. Please open a new feature request.

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I was curious if this had been back ported to the Drupal 6 version

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So I don't know much PHP, I know more Javascript but still not a ton but I was able to get this written, its a mishmash of Jquery with Javascript but it works, the only issue is it only works with 1 view (since I am setting the number of characters at one point). If someone can help me figure out a better way to get the slide number of an image please do.

The way it works is you pass a url of

// Set the starting slide by URL
    if(document.URL.indexOf("?") >= 0){ //Check to see if the url to see if a value is trying to be passed.
	  var imagename =; //Strip everything of the url besides the file name.
	  var imagesrc = $("img[src$='"+imagename+"']"); //Find the image with that name.
	  var parent = (imagesrc).parent().parent().parent().attr('id'); //Find the parent that has the slide number in its div id.
	  var startSlide = parent.substr(66); // Strip away everything of that div id besides the slide number. Here is where it fails for using it for multiple views, if there is a way to have it look for the last underscore or perhaps there is just a better way of finding out the slide number.
      settings.opts.startingSlide =  startSlide;

This works with my specific view but wouldn't work with any view. I put this in the views_slideshow.js in the two contrib modules source. This is for version 6.x-2.3.

The plus about this method is it works with arguments (since its not actually doing anything in the backend).

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hello to all :-)

is this feature already integrated or do you have to wait a bit longer?

thx. in advance

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Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 7.x-3.0

It appears that the patch code is implemented in the 7.x-3.0 version of views_slideshow,
but its not clear how to construct the URL hash to make this work.

On my site, the ids of the slideshow row divs are like "views_slideshow_cycle_div_p-page_1_0".
It doesn't match the pattern of the example in #16.

So what is the slideshowid in this case?

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You would need to use #div_p-page:2 as the hash

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Thanks, but its not working for me. Always just goes to the first slide.

Here's where I'm testing.

Base path to view:

I tried:

but also since the view display's machine name is 'page_1', I tried:

And both ways without the 'div_' part.
Not sure what I'm missing. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

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Having same problem, were you able to fix?

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@goldoak jp it looks like it should be #p-page_1:2

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We found the problem. We have to slash before we hash!

So in my case this link works:

Which will start the slideshow on slide 5.

Thanks to Barry @ Advantage Labs and redndahead. WooHoo!

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Yes works for me too. Any idea how to make it actually slide to that position (same effect as clicking the next button).
See how they did it at

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Another way to do this is to add a text field to your content type called "node link"

input the node url you want the slideshow to link to

Include this field in your slideshow view but do not display it and ensure it is above your image.

Then you re-write the output of the image field using replacement tokens to use the "node link" to wrap and around the image field replacement token

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Issue summary: View changes

This doesn't appear to work inside of Colorbox. Does anyone have thoughts on how this could be adapted to work in an overlay?