Now that Conditional Fields 1.0 is out, we can focus on new features for the next version.

The most common problem with CF is compatibility with non-core CCK modules.
Many patches have been proposed to fix issues with single modules (like Date and Content Taxonomy), but I think that we can't simply add them to the main module, because it would become in brief bloated and unmaintainable.

The best long term solution is to add a plug-in system to CF, so every widget has its own conditional settings that allow it to work. To do this, we need to identify the things that conditional fields needs to know to guarantee compatibility.

My ideas are still not clear on the subject, so contributions – also theoretical – are very welcome.


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A possible approach was outlined here #227416: Custom conditional fields.

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subscibing - will be available for any future testing if required.

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+1 subscribing

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+1 this is the last feature stopping me from launching my new website. looking forward to updates

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For those looking for a solution and for those contemplating how to build it out, some consideration may give given to the Rules module and how it can solve problems. In my case, I had a controlling field to show/hide a Link field and FileField.

The case and solution are here:

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I was wondering if all the current compatibility fixes for 2.x is related to the develpment of this plugin system?


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#9: no, they were easy abstractions that do not include any module-specific code. Look what I did for allowed values (copying cck):

 * Find the allowed values for a field
function conditional_fields_allowed_values($field) {
  $function = $field['module'] .'_allowed_values';
  $options = function_exists($function) ? $function($field) : content_allowed_values($field);
  return $options;

This isn't only for Content Taxonomy, but also for any other module that uses the convention MODULE_NAME_allowed_values.

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would be super to see the compatibility of Conditional Fields with Multigroup

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hello, I was wondering if there has been any further development in this area?
should we post in drupal module forum for help in this development for conditional fields?
great module and hope to see this module continue to get better!


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+1 would love this functionality.. particularly for imagefield

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How about at least adding support for the standard taxonomy module? That seems like a natural for use as a controlling field.

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Support for standard taxonomies as a controlling field would save my day!

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I would love to have the ability to choose values from multiple controlling fields - right now we are limited to one:
example: if field1 value = a and field2 value = c show the conditional field.

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Hi Peterpoe,

I was wondering if you have had time to develop the 3.x version you mentioned a few months back?
Really looking for the AND/OR conditional fields support.


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+1 subscribing

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Subscribing too. Any status updates?

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I'm looking for taxonomy / content_taxonomy support, any general thoughts on the process / what would need to change to add this support?
Happy to put together a patch.

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I'd like to have fields depending on taxonomy terms too... :)

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Taxonomy support would be awsome. I am more than willing to test too, but I am not good enough coding to help much with patches I am afraid.

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+1 for core user Profile registration/edit fields

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Suscribing, would love to have compatibility with Link module, to solve the "required" problem mentioned here :

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Ok I've found a quick fix for the problem related to the validation of required non-core conditional cck fields.

It works at least for the Link module, but should work for a bunch of other "CCK field modules" too.

There was 2 problems:
- Error when the required conditional field is not visible (condition has not been triggered), asking for filling it in.
- Error when the required conditional field is visible (condition has been triggered), asking for filling it in.
So basically it was not working at all :)

- First problem can be fixed with
- Second problem can be fixed by modifying the conditional_fields.module file:
In 6.x-2.x-dev, at line 996, add the lines between the comments:

function conditional_fields_check_empty($field) {
  // Normal fields
  if (isset($field[0]['value'])) {
    $value = $field[0]['value'];
  // Node reference
  elseif (isset($field[0]['nid'])) {
    $value = $field[0]['nid'];
  /** add this **/
  // Link module
  elseif (isset($field[0]['url'])) {
    $value = $field[0]['url'];
 /** end add this **/

  if (!count($value) || (is_string($value) && drupal_strlen(trim($value)) == 0)) {
    return TRUE;

With these two fixes I finally get a conditional required link field to work!

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same dirty hack for CCK Email Field, works great :

function conditional_fields_check_empty($field) {
  // Email Field module
  elseif (isset($field[0]['email'])) {
    $value = $field[0]['email'];
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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Issue summary: View changes

Version 7.x-3.x-dev works by default with and ( select list widget tested so far)

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As EuroDomenii mentioned, using works great with Taxonomy, thanks!

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Is there some guide how to add support for some other widget? Or at least list what should work (to decide if it is for bug report or feature request)?

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Idea: Will be more user friendly if the UI can tell user if this widget is supporter or not.