I have just installed Drupal but because I it is a school website being opened up to all my classmates but I don't want it register them to Drupal.

It has fairly liberal access rights but I would like to leave out the Drupal registration bit until I can get the time to study Drupal properly, to avoid any antisocial hacking.

Where can I fix that option?


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but it's kinda backwards, my instinct was

administer > accounts > permissions

but it turned out to be

administer > configuration > modules > user

which also makes sense, since you are managing the user module... maybe there should be a link in permissions just for us folks that are afraid of documentation :)

anyway, once yer in

admin > configuration > modules > user

theres a drop down menu that you can select admin approval or admin only for account creation ;)

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This seems to have changed locations since March 2004. 4 years of Drupal will do that. Anyone know where this feature is changed now? I can't seem to dig it up.


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you can find the option under admin/user/settings (Public registrations)

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administrator>>user management>>user settings>>

then set to >>Only site administrators can create new user accounts.

voila.. you're done. :)

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thanks :-)

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Just an update, this can be done is Drupal 7 via:


(Home » Administration » Configuration » People)

There are checkboxes under "Who can register accounts?" and you can select:

1) Administrators only
2) Visitors
3) Visitors, but administrator approval is required

Hope that helps.