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Title: PubSubHubbub and RSSCloud support » it sounds soooo cool

it sounds soooo cool

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Title: it sounds soooo cool » PubSubHubbub and RSSCloud support
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is any code from this module helpful?

also, simpleupdateprotocol might be another good option that some other php projects have had good luck with

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I can't see any Drupal modules on that thread but I left a comment pointing to this issue.

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I will publish the first release of this module in a few days... let's say monday 9 november... and you will find it here

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There is PHP source code for PubSubHubub available on

I just realized that we will need to support pausing single feeds for this feature as a importer configuration will decide on a feed by feed basis on whether a feed needs to be refreshed on cron or not depending on whether a pubsub hub could be found for it. #629372: Pause single feeds

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Status: Active » Needs work
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This is a first shot, building on subscriber.php included in

Completely untested and not functional. I'm posting this here to share where I'm going. Most likely, I won't have much time for working on this in the next week.

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I would like to contribute or collaborate with the feeds.module.
You can find a Beta version of my fastwebfeed.module at

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#8 Always welcome. The issue queue is a great place to start. Soon I will come up with a roadmap, too.

#7: I thought more about implementing pub/sub. I think the approach taken in #7 of breaking it out into its own fetcher/parser is not the way to go as pub sub is fundamentally a problem that concerns the importer configuration. I. e. only specific Atom/RSS parsers can actually detect the pubsub hub URL in a feed and then this URL is to be used only if the fetcher supports HTTP GET (or in the case of PuSH receiving HTTP POST requests). Will roll a new patch if I can get more time.

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#8 I have improved my code for Drupal 6. You can find the module here (
My next approach can be the feedapi.module.

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The first Release Candidate for Drupal 6 is a fact. (fastwebfeed.module-6.x-1.0-RC1)
It supports pubsubhubbub and sup and it inserts this to the drupal RSS feeds.


My next approach can be the feedapi.module.

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+1, subscribing

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
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This patch implements pubsubhubbub support. Very close now. Will test with superfeedr.

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* Implemented authenticated content distribution.
* Implemented unsubscribe on delete.
* Bunch of smaller bug fixes

For testing I opened an account with Superfeedr and hooked up to . You can send notifications for when going to Superfeedr's console on the dashboard and hitting the 'click here' button. You can observe notifications and subscription requests by following the debug log (see feeds_dbg() in feeds.module after patching).

Patch applies to HEAD. If you have applied #16, a reinstall is required.

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- Fix fallback to $url when self can't be found.

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The latest patched version is available on github here:


* using the PubsubHubbub Fetcher instead of the HTTP Fetcher will automatically use pubsubhubbub if available.
* See README.txt on how to set up a designated hub (e. g. Superfeedr) with Feeds.


* Do not automatically refresh feeds if they are successfully subscribed through PuSH (right now feeds will continue to import feeds at the given setting even if they are successfully subscribed).
* Automatically adjust re-subscription frequency to hub's verification response.

Both will require a significant rework of FeedsScheduler class that currently does not allow for different refresh frequencies per source.

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Title: PubSubHubbub and RSSCloud support » PubSubHubbub support
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Latest updated patch:

- Removed resubscription handling: Waiting on #721428: Make scheduler next scheduled time based to build this properly.
- Factored FeedsPubsubFetcher into FeedsHTTPFetcher
- More clean ups.
- Made sure all tests pass.

[Edit, hit save too fast:]

Removing RSSCloud from title as this patch won't implement RSSCloud support. is up to date

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- Renamed fetcher menu callbacks from feeds/fetcher/[importer_id] to feeds/importer/[importer_id] - more generic
- Cleaned up for release

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Clean up description on designated hub field.

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Reroll after was released.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed


I will do a blog post on PuSH support in Feeds tomorrow. Will post a quick notification here when it's out.

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Fyi, a little while ago I posted this summary of PuSH subscriber support on our blog:

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Can someone please clarify as we are confused. Read the dev see article but after installing Feeds and following instructions I think we misunderstood and that this is to pull other feeds into our site. What we are trying to do is FEED our core created feeds with pubsubhubbub. Matt Cutts suggested this as a means to cut down on scrapers that may pull your content and repost it. His article said this would help Google easily see who first posted it for search etc. We have had junk scraper sites ripping our articles . Can someone please help me understand. Thanks so much

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Drupal 7 is supported?

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Issue summary: View changes

Can someone confirm if PubSubHubbub is supported (or is planed to be supported) by Drupal 7 ?

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Status: Active » Fixed

#28, #29: Yes, this is supported in 7.x-2.0-alpha8 (the latest release on that branch):

And for the record, just to answer #27, the Feeds module only supports the "subscribe" part of PubSubHubbub.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.