On adding content, the filter tip "More information about formatting options" must open in new window. At the moment it opens in the current window, meaning that if the user has just spent half an hour writing some content, then accidentally or on purpose clicks the link, they're taken to the filter tips page in the same window. If they go back in their browser, they'll find all their hard work has been lost.

I suggest this is a critical issue as it can *really* *really* frustrate users.


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Here's the patch that adds the target=_new attribute to the link.

Only other option might be to open in a smaller window using javascript, or to put the filter tips in a display: none div and unhide them on clicking the link.

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Ideally critical issues must pass the test of, "If this isn't fixed the entire site will error out" (aka: showstopper bugs)

My vote is that this is a normal level bug, not critical.

Yet the fix would be a one liner:

<a href="LINKTOPAGE" onclick="window.open(this.href, 'pop', 'width=WIDTHHERE,height=HEIGHTHERE,scrollbars'); return false">More information about formatting options</a>
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sorry, must have posted around the same time. switching status back

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filter tips are themable so you can show an extra window I guess.

Opening new windows is bad UI.

I am not sure that adding a waring below the link would be a good idea either.

Needs more discussion.

Not release critical.

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I was not aware that opening new windows was bad UI. Do you have any references that explains the issue. I'm interested in reading them. I have seen the popup window in many applications, mostly used to further explain an option or choice.

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I agree new windows aren't good for UI. But if I have to choose between new window and losing all my typing, I'll chose new window.

Here's a patch with (opens in new window) at the end of the link to give the user a clue that its opening in a new window.

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apparently _blank is better than _new.

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target is not XHTML strict compliant. maybe using onclick="window.open(...);" ?

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it needs "return false;" too, as suggested in #2

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I'm trying to understand what you mean when you say "new windows are bad ui". Do you mean that fullsized new windows are always a bad UI decision? Or do you mean that any window, of any size, that are created due to user interaction is a bad UI decision?

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The latter.
It's not a decision developers of a website would have to make. When people use proper browser and use the right click, they can simply "Open link in new window..." or "Open link in new tab...".

Once again, it's not the fault of developers for not knowing the applications (too well) and loosing you data.

I'll definatly '-1' this issue, btw the whole filter-tips are themable so if you truly want to open this in a new window you can copy the code into your theme and change it the way you feel best about..

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Ordinarily: opening a new (popup) window is indeed bad UI..
In this case either option (opening a new windows or navigating away from the page) is worse UI

An ideal situation would be neither, but maybe a hidden div, maybe using the new AJAX goodness to fetch the filter information on click.
Implementing a stop gap now is IMO very much minus 1 because I don't believe that it is critical for the 4.7 release.

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Considering the above comments, marking this as a "won't fix" issue:

-violates XHTML strict
-Bad UI
-Can be overridden/customised via the theme by admins who do not prefer the default behaviour.