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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:40

Release notes

Changes from RC1 to RC2

New Features:
#373815 by dragonwize: added active tags support
#350669 by markus_petrux: added support for content multigroup

Bug Fixes:
#542876 fixed multigroup with save term_node
#463140 by OV2: fixed problems when reverting a node
#492450 fixed slash in autocomplete
#552742 by hefox: fixed optgroups in root level
#552874 by eMPee584: fixed php undefined variable notices
added implementation of hook_content_diff_values to correctly display the diff
#391906 prevent illegal offset type warnings on preview
fixed displaying of attributes in link formatter
#499322 fixed &$value in foreach loop (which required PHP 5)

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