Drupal 6 Content AdministrationDrupal 6 Content Administration, by J. Ayen Green, is a newly-published title from Packt Publishing aimed at Drupal users, who are either not developers or are new to Drupal. This book is designed for those who run the site day-to-day but didn't set it up, and aren't necessarily that well versed in Drupal or web technologies, and as a reader of drupal.org, you can receive a 15% discount (see below) and benefit the Drupal Foundation!

This is a fun, informative, hands-on learning guide that uses an actual case study. In an interactive and informal manner, this guide presents purposeful examples that continue to build on each other. Clear, concise instructions and practical examples mean you can learn quickly how to take care of the content in your Drupal site.

Some of what you will learn

  • Learn the various methods of inputting text , the various content creation and editing capabilities that are available to users
  • Add elements to your content to spice it up: teasers, links, images, embedded sound, embedded video, PDFs
  • Make changes to the article you created, use a PHP snippet to provide content, edit a revised article
  • Apply basic Search Engine Optimization by creating a URL and category tags to complement the content
  • Create a text block in order to make content available in multiple locations, a video block to use in the site margin, and a blog entry
  • Set up the framework for a creative editorial team having editors with different roles and privileges, working together to keep the site up to date
  • Use options for creating and editing content offline and via email, and apply each of the methods you learned to send content to the site

About the book

Often, a company hires a web designer to build its Drupal site, and then take over running the site in house. This book is for the Content Editors concerned with the ongoing creation and maintenance of the site content.

In a few hours, you'll have the knowledge needed to maintain and edit your web site as a content-rich place that visitors return to again and again. There are many books available to help you administer a Drupal site, but this is the only one specifically for Content Editors. This book doesn't cover designing or creating a site. However, anybody who has built their own site but needs some help using the article management features will also benefit from it.

This book is a quick-start guide, aimed at Content Editors. The author's experience enables him to explain in an efficient and interactive manner how you can keep your site up to date. The book begins with a discussion of content management and Drupal and then teaches you how to create content, add elements to it, and make the content findable. You will then learn to set up the framework for a creative team and the various options for editing content offline, their benefits and pitfalls.

This book helps you to quickly and easily solve problems, and manage content and users for a web site. It will help you become a more effective and efficient manager of Drupal-based web sites. The book has just been published, and is available direct from the publishers.

Get 15% off!

I have secured an exclusive 15% discount for you when you buy through PacktPub.com, just enter the discount code Drupal15CA, to the shopping cart. As with all of Packt’s Drupal books, Packt will be donating a percentage of its sales to the Drupal Foundation.

About the author

J. Ayen Green is a software and web site developer, writer, poet, and Drupal nut. He has published a number of books, papers and poems under various pen names. He and his wife, Sofía-Aileen, make their home in New York City.


siliconmeadow’s picture

I bought this book for my wife as I thought it would provide her with a different view of how to administer her site and her experience of Drupal has solely been filtered through me over the past three years.

Personally, I've not gone through the book in detail, but she seems to be enjoying it.

I did ask some advice via your site, but my comment hasn't made it past your approval queue! It's been there for three weeks or so now, I suspect.

Steady’s picture

I would suggest you post any questions in the relevant section of the forum.

Usually one will get some useful replies.


siliconmeadow’s picture

It was a question about his book and advice for people who have purchased the book and are working their way through it - not general Drupal questions.

bithead’s picture

Sorry, I hadn't noticed that the comments had been changed to moderated. I've posted a response there, and will here too. I attempted to design the activities so that you can do similar ones on your own web site. I would think that they will be more meaningful to your wife given her own content. That said, if there is further interest in a companion site, I'll create one for download. Having one live, I think, wouldn't work well, since it would be different on the back-end as soon as the first person uses it.

mandreeta’s picture

Do you if there is a Japanese version of this (or any other) guide for non-technical content managers?


bithead’s picture

The publisher does translations. I don't know if they have one in mind. Try e-mailing them at packtpub.com, and I'll let them know of your interest too.

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I'm not sure if any of you have experienced problems when purchasing Drupal books from Packt Publishing. I ordered Drupal 6 Content Administration directly from Packt Publishing, both PDF and Paper version. I got to download the PDF version but never received my paper version which I pre ordered and was supposedly sent by 26 Jun, 09 (date when Packt Publishing charged my credit card). I have contacted Packt Publishing 3 times but haven't heard anything from them at all. Very sad but I called my credit card company to cancel the charge that Packt Publishing made and my credit card company will be investigating why Packt Publishing didn't send my paper copy and why they haven't replied to the my inquiries. I'm a loyal fan of Drupal and Packt Publishing. I have all the Drupal books from Packt Publishing so it's very sad that this kind of incident happened. I expected professional customer service from Packt Publishing but never the less they failed. I will still order Packt Books but next time I'll use Amazon instead of directly ordering it from Packt. Amazon has a ver professional customer helpdesk and I have never had any problem with dealing with them.

Teddy @ Tokyo, Japan

Saby_Packt’s picture

My name is Saby Augustine and I’m the Customer Relations team leader at Packt Publishing. We are sorry to hear that you haven’t received your print copy yet. We can understand how frustrating this must be for you and we truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

We have checked our records and unfortunately we haven’t received any e-mail regarding this issue. You can contact us at service@packtpub.com and we’ll be more than happy to help you. We strive to reply all e-mails within 24 business hours of receipt. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we’ll take care that you are content with our service.

I suggest that you contact us at the above e-mail address with the details of your purchase with your order number, e-mail ID and name so that we can investigate this further. Please also send us the e-mail ID and name that you used to contact us so that our technical team can investigate why we didn’t receive your earlier e-mails. Alternately if you can provide your e-mail ID here, we’ll get in touch with you.

Your comments suggest that you are based in Japan and our deliveries to Japan normally take about 15 days. Deliveries to Asian countries takes a bit longer when compared to deliveries to our US and European customers. We are currently in talks with our Asian printer to reduce the delivery period and improve service to this region.

We are really happy to hear that you have enjoyed our books. I can assure you that this is a one-off case and that we’ll do all we can so that you have a better customer experience with us.



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Sir / Ma'am,
How do you do. Thank you very much for contacting me about my order: 09-116671-78559 "Drupal 6 Content Administration". I would really appreciate if you can despatch the replacement copy as soon as possible as I'm eager to receive the book and start reading it. About the free ebook that you mentioned in your e-mail would it be possible to have a copy of "Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization"? Thank you very much and looking forward to your reply.

ps. if you receive this message please reply to vaim7@hotmail.com or vaim7@yahoo.com. I have sent the same message 4 times from my hotmail account but haven't gotten any response from your service team. Thank you.

> Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:32:11 +0530
> From: service@packtpub.com
> To: vaim7@hotmail.com
> Subject: Your order no: 09-116671-78559 for the print book of "Drupal 6 Content Administration" with Packt Publishing.
> Dear Sir/ Madam,
> My name is Verus Pereira from the Customer Relations team at Packt.
> This is about your order no: 09-116671-78559.
> Recently while browsing through the Drupal website it came to my notice that you have not received this order which you have placed with us. I'm sorry to know about this.
> Unfortunately we have never received any of your emails and only found this complaint on the Drupal website. Usually postal shipments to Japan are delivered within 25 to 28 days maximum depending on your location and hence your order should have reached you by now. It now appears that you print order is lost in shipment. Occasionally we do have orders which get lost and I'm reall sorry this has happened to one of your orders. I can only understand how much inconvenience this has caused you and we sincerely apologize for this.
> You need not worry, I'll contact our printer and ask them to ship you a replacement copy of "Drupal 6 Content Administration" at the earliest.
> For all the trouble this has caused you, we would also like to offer you a free eBook of your choice. Kindly let me know the title you would like to have from our book list http://www.packtpub.com/booksand I'll place an eBook of that title in your Packt account.
> Once again our sincere apologies.
> Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be glad to assist.
> With warm regards
> For Packt Publishing
> Verus Pereira
> Sales Executive
> Are you interested in writing for Packt? Check out our new Author Website for more details: http://authors.packtpub.com

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Just to let you know I have received the book via DHL. Thank you very much for the great support and rest assured that I will be buying Drupal books from Packt Publishing. Thank you again.

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I have been working as a web developer for almost a decade, unfortunatly I initially discovered Drupal in the recent months. I got some experiences with wordpress, but I was looking for an other CMS with more community abilities. Thus, I found drupal and needed a book in order to get quickly started. However, I found "Drupal 6 Content Administration", which is a good book for beginners. It is written in a clear and simple way, which makes it easy to read.

If you want to save time to get started with drupal, I recomment this book. All thumbs up!

Saiqa Arzoo’s picture

I want to buy this book how i can?

Saiqa Arzoo’s picture

i am a new user of drupal and finding some problems in drupal designung sites.some of scripting code is not working properly in drupal site like sorting data in table and showing pictures as a slide show how i can solve this problem?please help me in this regard

wind’s picture

Is this book going to be translated to Russian? It will be very usefull for russian Drupal users...

uniyolu.com’s picture

Thanks. Good presentation. I will be interested in.