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We are now going to install “Apache Solr Search Integration” Drupal module and "PHP library" on the second remote Ubuntu Server.


  • Drupal 6.12+ or 7.x.
  • Access to terminal or ssh access to a linux server
  • ubuntu 10.04+

Using your local home computer. Open TERMINAL. TERMINAL can be found under Ubuntu desktop panel menu > APPLICATIONS > TERMINAL
The TERMINAL window will open.
Type in the following command line. Then press RETURN key.

ssh root@

Note: In the above command replace root with your second remote Ubuntu Server username and replace with your second remote Ubuntu Server IP address. This IP address is provided by your host provider.

You are now connected to your second remote Ubuntu Server.

Type in the following command in TERMINAL to update and upgrade your repositories.

[sudo] apt-get update
[sudo] apt-get upgrade

Wait. If any updates are available TERMINAL returns the line “Do you want to continue [Y/n]?”. Press Y key. Press RETURN key.

Installing apache solr module
Install the module and place it in the "sites/all/module" folder.
Enable the module via drush or the administrative panel

Install the solr php client library
In order for the module to work, the module depends on the solr php client library.
We are now going to install the PHP library.

Visit the solr php client page on google code:

Download SolrPhpClient r60 file to the "sites/all/libraries" folder of your website.

  • Revision 60 is the currently tested and suggested revision. Make sure that the final directory is named SolrPhpClient under the apachesolr module directory.

Extract this file. Then copy the SolrPhpClient folder to your sites/all/modules/apachesolr/ directory.

Next, you'll have to update your schema.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.