I am trying to use the "fancy" theme. I'm trying to create a subdirectory called images to upload the images. The owner of "fancy-customized" directory is "nobody." I cannot make a new directory because I don't have permission. (Have tried both cpanel and ssh. My host is opensourcehost.) How can I make this directory?

Does everyone not have this problem? Is the default owner of new themes created by theme-editor "nobody" on other people's servers?

I searched this site.
node 29016 had someone who could solve this only by a fresh install.
node 456 from handbook does not talk about this problem.

Is the only solution to ask my hosting provider to do it for me?
thank you.


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If you don't have shell access to your account you could create a php file with the commands you want to execute, perhaps something like, this to alter the permissions.

chmod("/somedir/somefile", 0775);

Save or upload the php file to your server/account and point your browser to it.

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thank you very much. unfortunately, this still won't work.
This is the error I got.
Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in /home/mysitename/public_html/ch.php on line 4

I do have shell access but it won't let me either. If others don't have this problem, I guess it's unique to my host. thank you.

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I asked my host to make the directory for me and they did. I don't know why others don't have this problem. It seems if "nobody" owns a directory the install script would be the same on various servers

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I have precisely the same problem.

Anyone know how to fix it?

I've only just noticed that a lot of files aren't included in my site backup because of it.


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When the files are written by a script such as Drupal or by an automatic installer script, the owner is the web server user account ("apache" or "nobody"). Probably you can't change their owner yourself. What you can do is:

- either take a backup of everything, find a way to delete everything (probably after you do a chmod with a php script as above), and then upload them again yourself with FTP...

- or ask your host to change the owner of your directories and files to yourself.

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Does your host offer a web-based file manager? I've used hosting providers that use vdeck, or cpanel, and each has a web-based file manager. Since they're web-server based, they probably run as the same user as your drupal installation.