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MD5: e460b49e670e0e802e7037e71af3cb66
SHA-1: a00fb5fd5b219b4a20c698dcd30cac8e8c686ea2
SHA-256: 61d1fab7e868e9103c528d33252b02a88460e725e9b766235709631bb1740e47
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MD5: f7e4d75bc8c9624e4024faa0acf70c6f
SHA-1: 879a09a45c006fa88100473cb28494166b614812
SHA-256: 0b2d06a2a634484e3ec4baaf87c1c934c94c6d210e437bf8ca912314c0b220de

Release info

Created by: quicksketch
Created on: 30 Apr 2009 at 21:03 UTC
Last updated: 30 Apr 2009 at 21:10 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

[Note: This release is identical to the 1.14 release but fixes an update error. See #449166: Update.php fails in 6.x-1.14, Call to undefined function content_check_update(). Release notes of 1.14 are reprinted below.]

This release of Fivestar is a bug-fixing release, adding no new features. This release fixes several moderate bugs, including display of Fivestar widgets when used in AJAX situations, such as within AJAX views or with the AJAX QuickTabs. It also fixes a security issue that could possibly allow a malicious user to hijack votes of other users, causing ratings to be skewed to the malicious user's preference.

Upgrading is recommended for all users of Fivestar module.

Bug Fixes:
#312623: Ajax Pagination does not work with Fivestar
#364764: Block cache causes JS to not load
#447834: "Allow user to clear value" checkbox always checked
#332695: Make Fivestar CCK fields indedepent of direct rating settings
#430606: Empty Fivestar elements do not update with user's vote after voting
#406572: Translatable text looks like HTML but isn't
#321823: Fivestar Should Clear CSS Cache on Star Change
#378390: allow the rating for comments to be put bellow the comment
#418860: 10 stars shows 5 stars in Views
#412126: Remove @ from selectors
#269531: Combine admin page styles to avoid 30 CSS file limit in IE
#323213: fivestar_update_6104 references content_node_field which does not exist
#262415: removing one review node (created by anonymous user) deletes all votes casted by all anonymous users
#246804: javascript: 'class guard' + behavior
#315264: Typo in function names
#290782: Settings menu is missing description
#318610: CCK Fivestar: deleting review node does not remove votes with axis other than 'vote'


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