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Migrating to Drupal from Wordpress should be a fairly straightforward process for a solid basic transition (complex custom additions to Wordpress may need to be re-engineered into Drupal, but your content, comments taxonomies, etc. should come across just fine).

Essentially, the Wordpress import takes a feed of your existing Wordpress site and generates nodes and vocabularies from that data in your Drupal site.

Suggested steps

Some things to consider

  • The visual layout/structure may not be the same, you need to think about if you need custom content types or you want to migrate using the default 'page' content type.
  • You may need to theme the created nodes from your Wordpress import that are generated from your Wordpress import.
  • Wordpress uses the concept of "categories" but in Drupal they are called "vocabularies", terms form a taxonomy which belong to a vocabulary, but in the end, they are all the same thing.

One additional note, if your WordPress install has multiple user accounts creating content and you create accounts with the same username in your Drupal site before the migration, that information will be retained in the migration.

Note that once you've done the migration and if you do a rollback, the Drupal accounts will still exist, so you don't have to create them again.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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You might also want to try a more generic approach using table wizard and migrate modules.
See also this article

This page seems outdated (flexinode!).

Albert Skibinski - ezCompany

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Is there anything to make the migration easy for Drupal 7 installations?

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FYI - wordpress_migrate supports migrating WordPress blog exports (WXR format) into Drupal 7 using the Migrate module. Import of posts, pages, comments, attachments, tags and categories is supported. Imports can be rolled back completely.

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The biggest problem with migrating seems to be maintaining the links between authors and their articles. I migrate almost 800 articles and users but all the articles are then assigned to the admin user. With about a dozen authors, this is problematic as ownership rights issues crop up if not fixed.

I haven's seen a help file on maintaining the link and there's no such option in Wordpress Migrate.

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You need to create the respective authors in Drupal before importing, the articles (posts) will be assigned properly.

But I'm having issues on importing tags from Wordpress. It won't import any tag at all, only categories.

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Can someone tell me how to migrate an installation of Worpress there any plugin to do, I am new to drupal

Nibaldo Ugarte
web designer