I have created some cck text fields and placed them inside a field group.

In Internet Explorer all I see is the "add another item" button, but no fields. If I click "add another item" the fields appear.

If the fields are moved outside of the field group, they appear as normal.

I think it is the table element that is being hidden.

This only occurs in Internet Explorer, all other browser I have tested including Firefox and Safari are ok.

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Another thing I have noticed. This only occurs if the field group is set to "collapsed". If it is set to "collapsible", the fields appear in the group as normal.

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Maybe a problem with the theme you're using?

Or maybe related to something here in need of jquery_update module?

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It's not the theme as I get the problem with Garland or my custom theme. I already have jquery update installed and it makes no difference enabled or disabled.

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Well, the collapsible effect of field groups come from a Drupal core component, and that works for IE, AFAICT. So there seems to be something different in your environment... the HTML of the fields is probably there, but something is breaking the collapsible effect so you cannot open the fieldgroup to see the fields.

Here in this form, ate the bottom, there's a collapsed fieldgroup, labelled "Tags". If you cannot open this fieldgroup with your IE, then that effect does not work for you here either. Note that it works with my IE and probably the IE of many others, so there's something odd in your IE. Try from another computer with a different IE, maybe the IE version, maybe it needs upgrading, etc.

On the other hand, if you can open the "Tags" field group here, then the difference is in your site. Try disabling stuff until you find what's breaking your fieldgroups.

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I can expand and collapse the field group ok. As I can see the "add another item" for each CCK field when I do so. What is hidden are the CCK fields and the ordering options, which are within table html. The "add another item" submit button is not.

It's as if the table html has a style set to hidden, but any css I try makes no difference, unless I set the fieldset to "collapsed".

I will try disabling modules to see if it makes any difference.

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It seems I am experiencing the same issue.

Have a fieldgroup with 2 elements:
multiple imagefield
multiple link field

both widgets do not appear at IE7.
If the fields are taken out of the fieldgroup they do appear.
Changing the theme to garland didn't do any better.

I did look at the 2 other posts mentioned but it seems they describe the opposite bug (i.e. elements not hidden when the fieldgroup is collapsed).

Did someone make progress on this?


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I am experiencing the same as very well and accurate described by djmystic82.

I will add: In the fieldset I have also a user-reference field which is show just fine. So it must be something related to node-reference.


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Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

Changing the status back to active - it is not a duplicate to any other issue linked above.

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I'm having the same issue: Drupal 6 + Google Chrome. Any news on whats causing this?

Although it seems to be working just fine under firefox. must be a local setting, or the way the browser handles the code.

after switching to FF to edit content, the fields in teh group no longer show up.
It was workign at first, but suddenly stopped. Now no matter which browser i use, i cannot see the fields in my group

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Version: 6.x-2.2 » 6.x-2.6
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I was able to reproduce this issue on a fresh Drupal install. Using the following.
*CCK 6.x-2.6
*Fieldgroup 6.x-2.6 (part of CCK)
*FileField 6.x-3.3
*Drupal 6.16
*Internet Explorer 7
*Windows XP

The issue is not present in Firefox 3.x

Steps to reproduce this issue
*Activate both modules "Content(CCK)" and "Fieldgroup (part of CCK)".
*Go to admin/content/types Create a new content type.
*Edit the content type settings. Find below screenshot 'content-type-settings.png' to clarify settings.
*Go to admin/content/node-type/*/fields Add a group (fieldset).
*Set the new group's style to collapsed. The issue is only with the collapsed display. Find below screenshot 'group-settings.png' to clarify settings.
*Put a Filefield into the fieldset.
*Set the Filefield's number of values to 'Unlimited'. The issue is only with 'Unlimited' display. Find below screenshot 'filefield-settings.png' to clarify settings.
*Create a content. View it. The issue is on this page. The filefield is hidden. Expected result is to display the filefield inside the fieldset.

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Here is a screenshot of the issue. Notice that the filefield is hidden. 'issue_7.png'

Here is the expected result. That is to display the filefield inside the fieldset (group) 'expected result.png'

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Title: Form elements within a field group are not visible in Internet Explorer » Form elements within a collapsed field group are not visible in Internet Explorer

Clarifying title

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+1 - getting this also, IE7 and 8 only (FF and IE6 work fine)

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anyone found a solution for this?

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i figured out some wired behavier in IE7 for this issue.

it works on my computer using XP/IE7 (version 7.0.5730.13)
it doesn't work on my girlfriends computer XP/IE7 (version 7.0.5730.11)

i tried to change some security settings in the internet options (activated some scripting) - nothing worked. but when i reseted the securityzone (hope it is called so in english - i am using a german system) to default/standard, i could see the missing content showing up in the window just behind the securitydialog. opening another collapsed fieldgroup: still missing fields. same with all fieldgroups after reloading the page.

maybe this helps to find a solution