I feel stupid, but actually can't get the module to do anything for me. Where is the form where I pick publish and unpublish nodes supposed to be found? I don't see it when I edit my cntent types (own).

When I type in a future date to the "author" pane, it just publishes itself immediately. If I uncheck publish, it doesn't publish at all.

Also, I am confused about the pop up calendar. Which module is it in Druupal 6? Am I missing some dependency?


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1. You user role needs permissions to schedule node.
2. You need to enable scheduling for each node type in the node type configuration (/admin/content/types).
3. If you did (2.) then there will be seperate publish and unpublish items in the node edit form.
4. Currently there is no popup calendar for scheduler in drupal 6. You might want to watch this: #250210: Integrate the new jquery popup calendar from Date module version 2.


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Hi Noira,

First you need to enable scheduling for the content types required. Go to admin -> content types -> edit and open the 'workflow settings' fieldgroup. See the first screen grab attached.

Then when you are editing a node of a scheduler-enabled type, you should see a new fieldgroup labelled 'Scheduling Options' - see second screen grab image. If you enter a date for publishing then on saving the node, the publish checkbox will be automatically unticked, even if you left it ticked.

I am not using the date pop-up yet, so I can't help you with that.


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Our replies overlapped. I started my reply, but before saving, Eric had done his (he types faster :-)
I've set the status back to fixed now.


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Ah, stupid me. Thank you for both answers. I will try now. It was hard finding a views integrated, working module.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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#2 thanks for that.

Doesn't say its under "Workflow" in the directions.

I was looking for the checkbox like a chicken with its head cut off, lol.

Maybe that could be added to the directions as I see others here have had the same problems.