I'm currently building a new website in drupal and I've run into an issue. I can't seem to create any content anymore. When i click create content it does display the create content admin page, but doesn't display a content type to select. The site is yet to go live, but not being able to create content is holding up the development. I don't think the issue is related to the theme, I'm using garland as my admin theme and haven't screwed with it. Originally I had drupal 6.9 installed but once this issue presented itself I updated to version 6.10 hoping it would solve the problem.

I know at some point I could create content so I have to assume one of the plugins has caused an issue. I've tried removing the plugins but this didn't seem to have an effect.

I currently have drupal 6.10 running with the following 3rd party plugins

Advanced Help
Google Analytics

Any help anyone could give would be great, I'm really scratching my head on this one.


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one other thing I notice is if I create a new content type it does appear on the create content page, it just seems to be the built in items such as blog, forum etc that are missing. Any idea how I get them back?

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Are you logged-in as user 1?
Are the blog and forum modules enabled in admin/build/modules?

If the answer is yes to both, did update.php run and completed successfully without any timeout when you upgraded? Try running it again.

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Yes I am logged in as user 1 and yes the modules are enabled.

No there was no issue running the update.php, and I have already tried running it again with no luck. Odd eh.

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There is no confirmation that the page is created (or any content for that matter). This is a new and perplexing issue after upgrading to 6.10.


This seems to be related to the YUI editor. Turning off allowed me to create a node; turning on back to the same problem.

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Drupal 6.10 has no big difference from the previous 6.x releases. I would focus my attention to how successful the update was.

For example, whether update.php ran and completed successfully, or whether there was some necessary modification in the old .htaccess or settings.php file (to increase PHP memory or something else) which was lost by replacing it with the new file.

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After updated to 6.10, I got the same problem. I can create some types of contents, but I cannot created some type of contents linking to book module.

Also, I cannot uninstall modules. It just return as blank page. My .htaccess and settings.php remain the same. Anyone knows the problem?

Added: The problem disappeared the next day. It think the problem is related to hosting setting. My php memory limit is 120 MB.

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If the list of content types to create is missing see if anybody has disabled all the links in the "Navigation Menu" relating to "Create Content". (They might also have been moved into another menu aswell)

After disabling all of them becuase they were not required the Create Content page was displaying empty.

Re-enabling them resolved the problem.

NOTE: node/add/page or similar still worked fine.

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The cause might be having multiple records in the menu_links table where the router_path is "node/add" (in Drupal 6).

We had several "Create content" menu items with nothing beneath them. I checked the menu_links table, and sure enough, there were multiple menu items defined with the router_path as "node/add". The router_path field is the link to the menu_router table, and I suspect that having multiple menu_link records pointing to the same menu_router record confuses the function that builds the create content page.

If you like living dangerously, you can delete the duplicate records from the menu_link table manually. Which one to keep? The mlid field value is part of the edit link on the menu editing page (under admin/build/menus). Keep the menu_link record that has the mlid for the "Create content" menu item that's well-formed and delete the rest. Then rebuild your menus. For us, that did the trick.

Obviously, you need to know how to edit your database directly to do this; this isn't for newbies. Normally, changing the database directly is a bad idea; it's far, far preferable to clear up problems like this interactively when you can. Back up your database first, and try out the fix on a test copy of your site before altering your production site.

Hope this helps ...

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I had this problem since the upgrade from 5.x to 6.x. As you said, I found multiple entries with router_path = "node/add" in the menu_links table. Only one was right, the others were supposed to point to "node/add/foo". The funny thing was the entries were wrong but the menu items at the Create Content menu were right. Once I changed the multiples entries and made them point to the right "node/add/foo" path, the Create content page was populated again.

Thank you very much!

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deleted content type was the culprit in my case, with a link to creating the node type and the router path was node/add. deleted this and hey presto!

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This happened to me when I uninstalled the forum module. There was an orphaned node/add/forum menu link with a router_path of node/add. I removed that entry from the menu_links table and things cleared up.