in menus my blog option is coming as locked and i'm not even able to access it .when i try it is giving access denied .how can i access it and change the name of it as my Fact Sheet


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You cannot edit that menu item, that's why it is locked.

If you want to have a link in the menu that point there but has a different name you need to enable the menu module in admin>modules. after that go to admin>menus, click the tab "add new menu item"
Fill in the title you want and enter the path to your blog in the path field.
The "my blog" link will still be there, but it is only available to you anyway.

The reason you get access denied when you try to access your blog is strange, you should check your access permissions

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i solved that name problem by changing the title in blog.module .and now i added menu option so it is working good.
thnk you...

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You cannot edit that menu item, that's why it's locked.

No, i cannot edit that item because it's locked. Or, because it's locked is why i cannot edit it.

You still haven't explained why it's locked in the first place -- i'd really like to remove that item for normal users, and only grant "blogs" to users who have my permission.

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Though i created the first account im not able to access myblog. The other roles members are able to access.It may side effect of changing most of the code in blog.module. Anyway i managed it by creating a new account and accessing it though the new account.

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That menu item is locked because the module developer chose so...
So I meant to have said: You cannot edit that menu item because the module developer disabled editing for that item, that is why it appears as locked in the menus module.

As for why it is locked: similar to the "my account" link it's a menu item that is a different url for every user, and the menu module cannot really handle those kind of url's at the moment.

sorry for the confusion.. I guess I must remember to elaborate.

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You shouldnt be editing the blog module. You need to create your own module and use the hook_menu() to change the menu name. You can find out how to make a simple module by searching Drupal, then add this to your Awesomenew.module. I also added a few more examples to show you how hook_menu() works. The results might not show up immediately since its using the cached menu, you can change to !$may_cache if you want

function hook_menu($may_cache){ // Add links to the left menu, note that hook needs to be the name of your module, ex. Awesomenew_menu()
	global $user;
	$items = array();
		$items[] = array( // Add the home link to the left menu
						 'title' => t('Home'),
						 'path' => '',
						 'access' => TRUE,
						 'weight' => -10
		$items[] = array( // Change the My blog link to display Renamed Blog at top of the list, but below Home

						 'path' => 'blog/' . $user->uid,
						 'title' => t('Snoop Doggy Dogg\'s Bloggy Blog'),
						 'access' => TRUE,
						 'weight' => -9
		$items[] = array( // Change the My account link to display My Profile and drop to bottom of list
						 'path' => 'user/' . $user->uid,
						 'title' => t('My Profile'),
						 'callback' => 'user_view',
						 'callback arguments' => array(arg(1)),
						 'access' => TRUE,
						 'type' => MENU_DYNAMIC_ITEM,
						 'weight' => 9