Last updated 30 November 2011. Created on 3 November 2008.
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Image Browser is a simple module that allows you to browse Image nodes from FCKeditor and then insert either Image or ImageCache presets into a node. Key features include:

  • Simply drop-dead gorgeous User Interface.
  • Has more AHAH than your grandmother's arm-chair
  • Uses the concept of an "Image Node" and runs off the backend of Image.
  • Insert either Image presets or ImageCache presets for great standardisation and unity across your site.
  • Choose between dynamic URLs that will mirror changes made to the "Image Node" and static URLs that will be served through Apache and therefore will be faster if performance is an issue.
  • If you are already using Image Assist then Image Browser will work with all your current Image nodes.

A Word of Caution

If you already have a content type named "image" (machine-readable name), be sure to change it before installing the Image module.

(I had a content type named "image" that I'd created using the CCK and ImageField modules).

I know this conflict has been mentioned elsewhere ad nauseam, but I'd forgotten about it and thought mentioning it here may be helpful. If an "image" content type exists, the Image module can't install its own "image" content type. This means that when you try to upload with (very cool!) Image Browser, you will only get image titles -- no image.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.