i have using drupal for more than 1 year, I am looking for a module could help to moderate my website.
the main thing i need it to help is to moderate comments and content type.
i have a lot of content type, and as you know every content type has its comments and moderator.
and also i have a forum.
which i really need is a module allow adminA to edit and delete comments in his field, and deny adminB to do this an adminA field, and visversa.
what i am doing now is trust in four people and let them to moderate comments in the whole site and that include (forum, story, poll, every comments in the content type)
and that annoy me.
so could any one help me.
i use taxonomy access permission but it's only give the control on the main post, not on the comments.
so plz give me a help


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hmm none answered me yet

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I've the same problem: I need to assign to some users the possibility to administer only some subforums (topics and comments). I don't want to set the "administer comments" to those users. I've tried with TAC, but, like you wrote, it is not useful for this task :-(