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This module displays a customizable image slide show block, normally at the bottom of the content region.

The scrolling slider is using the popular Jquery Jcarousel plugin.

The images are read from the node's cck image field via either 'imceimage' or 'imagefield' modules.

What is needed

Before you start, get the latest versions of these files:

If you're in doubt between the Imagefield or IMCEimage just go with Imagefield.


Installation of this module consists of 2 steps.

1st) Install the module

Install jcarousel_block as you would install any other Drupal module.

After downloading, extract its contents to "drupal\sites\all\modules\"
It will end up looking like "drupal\sites\all\modules\jcarousel_block".

2nd) Install the plugin

Download the plugin from and extract it into the jcarousel_block folder created in the step above.

Your module folder will look like this (files are not shown here, only subfolders):

|   +---includes
|   \---jcarousel
|       +---examples
|       |   \---bestpractice
|       +---images
|       +---lib
|       |   \---thickbox
|       \---skins
|           +---ie7
|           \---tango

In other words, the final directory structure should look like this:



Continue with the appropriate section, depending on your choice of image cck field.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.