CCK 6--2-0-RC-6
Imagefield 6--3-0-ALPHA-2
Filefield 6--3--0-ALPHA-4
Public Download method
Number of Values: Unlimited
Default List Value: Listed
List Value: User Configurable
Description: Enabled

If I turn user-configurable off and save the node it works as expected, but with it on the form always saves '0' for the "List" checkbox.

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Project:ImageField» FileField
Version:6.x-3.0-alpha2» 6.x-3.0-alpha4
Status:Active» Needs review
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Actually its a filefield bug and its not that it always saves '0', it always saves the opposite of what was selected by the user due to a slight logic error. Simple 1 line patch.

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Title:Node form always saves "List" checkbox as '0'» Node form saves "List" checkbox as the opposite of what the user selected
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Status:Needs review» Fixed

thanks, committed to HEAD.

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Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.