wondering if nobody else has this problem. Run Drupal 8.3.3, but had this problem in previous versions too.

I create a node type "news"
Add a date - field
Set type to multilingual (de, en)

Create various news nodes with different dates
Create translations for all news nodes

Add a new views -> type "news"
Filter Criteria -> Translation Language
Sort Criteria -> Our date field

If you check the sorting of the translation language, its very wild and make no sense at all. You can replace the date field with a number field, the sorting didnt work here too?!

Any Ideas?
Best, Alex


Alex_schwarz created an issue. See original summary.

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Okay if date field ist set to translatable sorting works... but why should it be necessary to translate the field? A news date doesn't change just because of the translation language. Could be optimized.

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