To begin, there are three content types called Feed for Events, Events and Organizations.

  • The Feed for Events content type uses the Feeds module to add events to the Events content type coming from a feed which is mapped with the event fields. The Feed for events also has a field called Link To Organization, which is an entity reference to the Organization content type.
  • The Organization content type is on its own without any field references to the other two content types.
  • The Events content type has an entity reference called Organization Name which is mapped from the Feed content type using the Link To Organization field above.

This means, the event gets the Organization Name entity reference to the Organization from the Feed.

The Problem:

I want to be able to show all events for a particular organization inside each Organization page. However, the organization content type does not seem to recognize which events belong to it ... because there's no entity references back to events ... since events can be autopopulated from feeds?

I'm confused about how to go about doing this in Views. I thought using Relationships (for the entity reference in events) and Contextual Filter (content NID for the event) would work, but no events are displaying. I thought of replacing the content NID be the Organization NID instead, but events have no idea what the NID of the Organization is ... only the Feed content type does and the name of the Organization.

What's the best way to display Events Per Organization?

PS: I added this same question at StackExchange and got no response ...


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