This issue is spun off from #2831936-129: Add "File" MediaSource plugin, specifically this point of review:

The media creation form is a hodge-podge of information. The revision information is above / more important than the file itself. I also did not expect the path alias to be this prominent on the form. Do we have an issue to review the media creation UI?

We do now. Let's get UX review on the media creation form, and make as many fixes as possible.

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phenaproxima created an issue. See original summary.

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I think we have an issue somewhere to make the sidebar that node has generic and re-use in different forms. That would probably help with that?

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Pinging @yoroy for a usability review. @yoroy, to review:

  1. Install Drupal 8.4
  2. Install the Media module
  3. Go to /media/add/file
  4. Provide feedback on what must-have changes are for usability, and probably also should-have changes
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@Wim Could we also provide some screenshots? To make sure we capture the "before" state, also easier to review :)

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Apologies, I missed that this was assigned to me. Will review in the coming days. Screenshoulds certainly help.

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I think it would already help if we have a sidebar like the node form has. We could optionally remove the name field since we can auto generate that (but that is probably another issue).

Media add file form

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Issue tags: -Needs usability review

Show required fields first. Move "file" below "name". Or potentially even above it. It's the most important one.

So is "Name" not the same as "Title" on other entities? It's similar to Title in that it is not available on the "manage fields" page. Why "name" then and not "title"? Not sure about auto hiding it, I imagine there's enough cases where I'd want to be able to look up an asset by it's title.

I wish we did something about that three lines of description text below a file/image upload field. Especially with this wide selection of allowed file formats it would make more sense to not show it at all initially. Then use an inline form error message to list these if a not-allowed file format was provided. Something for the redesign issues for those fields I guess.

Revision log message should be part of the vertical tabs.

Oh dear, I designed those file icons ages ago, we really should update those. Too small, too ugly, not useful.

About the sidebar like on the content creation form, that could work here as well. I think the layout people were thinking that whole sidebar whould have to go again when actual layouts can be applied to these pages.

I'd say:


  • Show required fields first
  • Revision item part of vertical tabs
  • Clarify "Name" vs. "Title"


  • Update file type icons
  • Minimize file upload description text (elsewhere)
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Thank you so much, @yoroy!

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Here is a first patch.

1. I moved the revision items into the vertical tabs
2. This automatically sorted the file field below the name field
3. I made the "name" configurable on the "Manage display" page, but it's in the hidden region per default

IMHO "name" is in case of media more intuitive as "title". Media name just sounds more correct for me, than media title. But technically i guess it's the same.

Status: Needs review » Needs work

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Manage display isn't related to the media *form*? The widget is already configurable.

And hiding it there already has a separate issue: #2882473: Hide the media name basefield from the entity form by default, with an alternative suggestion based on something we implemented in a project from @slashrsm.

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