In admin/build/modules page the Update Status core module is NOT listed if update_notifications_disable module is present but not enabled.

This causes that there is always an error stating "Update notifications are not enabled". But there is no way to enable it.


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Priority: Normal » Critical

I experienced the same: if enabled or not, Update Status has vanished and cannot be enabled anymore.

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Title: Breaks the UI if NOT enabled » Kills Update Notifications completely
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I installed this module without reading the open issues. Oops. Won't do that again.

After placing the module in /sites/all/modules, I navigated to the modules area to enable it. It was already enabled somehow.
I thought that was strange, so I turned it off. The notifications did not return, but the warning that Update was turned off did return.

Even after removing the module the notifications did not turn back on.

I decided to check the .module file to see what it did, but there was nothing in the file except some id information and a comment that said this area left blank intentionally or something to that effect.

To fix it, if you have access to your database, go to the system table and find the entry where filename = modules/update/update.module and set the status back to 1. This re-enabled my update notifications for me.

Hope this helps.

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Component: User interface » Code
Category: bug » support
Priority: Critical » Minor

If anyone checks this queue, I would be interested in knowing how this module was able to affect anything after being placed in a site's directory structure.

I looked at the files that are available for download and didn't see anything in the .module file or the .info file that would do anything.

If there is some hidden code or some trick involved I'd like to know how it worked.


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Talked to Webchick about it. She aks us to provide a patch, and she will have a look and commit it. So this is a call to a developer to submit a patch that allows this module to be turned off. For the time being

To turn this module off, remove it completely from the modules folder.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Some more information:

This module has exactly two audiences:
a) The paranoid, tinfoil hat people who don't want to have any information about the modules installed on their sites, even at the expense of their sites being secure.
b) Large organizations with their own Drupal distribution who want to handle the flow of update notifications.

If you are either of these people, you do not want to enable core's Update module. Ever. This module enforces this by preventing that module from being installed. It does this through trickery of being named 'update.module,' same as core's, but being located in sites/all/modules, and thus loading *after* core's and overriding it.

If you are NOT either of those people, you do NOT want this module. Ever. And you should delete it from your Drupal installation so that you regain the ability to enable core's Update module again.

The patch I asked for was a patch to README.txt to make this more clear, not one to change the functionality of this module, because this module has no functionality, by design. Its only purpose is to rip out Update Status module entirely without hacking core.

However, I think I'll just add it to the project page instead.

Marking this "fixed."

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So for anyone further into this: there is update notifications module on steroids waiting for a maintainer:

And for anyone wondering how this works, just look into the .module file. You're in for a er... surprise. This explains webchicks explanations...

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Version: 6.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.0
Priority: Minor » Critical

This isnt anywhere near fixed. I put this module in my sites/all/modules folder & i could not even access the modules page. I kept getting 500 errors. Nowhere in the description does it say that it disables the modules page.

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It's so strange but there is no modules/update/update.module file in system database...

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Ok! I found solution for my problem (missing of Update Module).
It's works after manual deleting update_notifications_disable folder from sites/all/modules