Obviously, both dmitri and myself are busy people who are doing lots of other things, so one of the things we're NOT doing is maintaining this poor module, which has such potential for awesomeness. :)

If you wanna help, point out a couple of the patches you've submitted to the queue, and I'll add you to the CVS access list.


BrightLoudNoise’s picture

I'd be happy to help out as a co-maintainer.

dannygoh’s picture

Hi, I'm ready to spare some time, how can i help.

webchick’s picture

Status: Active » Fixed

Hey, thanks for the offer!

joachim's actually been doing a nice job of committing patches to this module, so I've made him the owner of this project. I'll mark this fixed, but by all means feel free to submit patches to the queue, and maybe joachim will decide he would like a co-maintianer.

joachim’s picture

Yes, co-maintainers would be welcome.

Webchick, does this mean that dmitrig01, Rob Loach, and binduwavell (as listed on the developers page) aren't around any more either?
And thanks!

webchick’s picture

I'm not sure... Rob and dmitri are very much still around, but I haven't seen commits from them. :(

Anonymous’s picture

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

joachim’s picture

Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

BrightLoudNoise, dannygoh -- are you guys still interested in co-maintaining? I haven't as much time to spend on this as I'd hoped :(

dmitrig01’s picture

I'm around, but i have other priorities. However... the drush stuff you've been doing looks really cool, and if I start using it (which probably will happen soon) and I discover some things that I want/need, I'll submit patches (or jsut commit myself)

joachim’s picture

Cool :)
My plans for drush support are mostly to work on the MB hook and look at getting contrib module support. I think the current API needs tweaking: see #406538: Module Builder Hook if you want to coordinate on that.

The other thing I'd like is something that adds proper doxy headers to all functions that lack them, not just hooks.

brandon.dixon’s picture

Id like to help out!

I actually didn't know this was already around. I went through and created it on my site with PHP.


joachim’s picture


I had a very quick look at your implementation.

Being able to specify the core version is possibly interesting. But then we'd need to carry around information on all versions of Drupal (eg, what goes into an info file).
This would mean so kind of cutting up of code like drush does -- where we have several copies of one code file, and include only the one relevant to our version.
This is something I've been pondering anyway, since drush is version-independent and we can run on drush.

Actual module version isn't something we should generate, as Drupal.org's packaging script does that.

The other feature you had was the settings form. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how we'd go about it. Currently, everything we do is a hook, and the whole system is geared around that. Also, everything we can generate is obtained from downloaded data. But worth pondering perhaps.

Feel free to open issues on either of these, or anything else you feel like working on :)

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Version: » 7.x-2.x-dev


I really like this module and I wouldn't mind helping out as a commiter if you are still looking for help.

Robin Millette’s picture

Is this project still looking for co-maintainners? If not, can we fix this critical issue?

Joachim was very quick to apply a patch I posted yesterday, looks to me like the project is in good hands :-)

joachim’s picture

Priority: Critical » Normal

Oh we can certainly downgrade it.

I wouldn't mind extra brainpower on things like dealing with callbacks, but I guess that doesn't need someone to be a co-maintainer.

babruix’s picture

This module is great!
It would be much faster for all to use it instead of looking/reading documentation for all hooks.

Let me know if you need co-maintainner, I can help with development and bug fixing, as far as I can see we still need to make the module more stable.