Mailhandler for Drupal 8 was developed by following the roadmap in #2731519: Roadmap - Port Mailhandler to Drupal 8.
Since Google Summer of Code 2016 is almost over, I'm opening this issue to discuss possible features/ideas in Mailhandler 8.x.

Proposed resolution

I will update the issue with some remarks we encountered during the project.


mbovan created an issue. See original summary.

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Mailhandler is now based on Inmail and allows us to create deliverers/analyzers/handlers to process the message, while user interface is in active development.

Some of the ideas we had during the project:

  • Mailhandler provides 2 handlers - for nodes and comments. We had an idea to provide general EntityHandler that could support all the entities out-of-the-box. The main benefit of this would be just that - supporting all entities with one handler, but there are many questions to answer: how to select "body" field for all entities and do all entities have a body field, validation, bundle selection...
  • Related to above, we had an idea to provide FieldHandler/YAMLHandler. The idea was to provide data in YAML format which is more (end) user-friendly than JSON. It requires a new email-body-protocol definition which seemed too complex to develop during GSoC. Also, we didn't think it will add new value during that time. We could rethink about it at this point of time.
  • CommandsHandler - Mailhandler for Drupal 7 provides an option to manage Drupal by sending commands via email. This feature would be useful in Drupal 8 as well.
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Title: Future ideas for Mailhandler development » Ideas for new Mailhandler features

Updated the issue title.