Add and

function video_filter_codec_info()

           $codecs['rutube'] = array(
        'name' => t('Rutube'),
        'callback' => 'video_filter_rutube',
        'regexp' => '#rutube\.ru\/.*?\?v=([a-z0-9\-_]+)#i',
        'ratio' => 400 / 353,
    $codecs['mailru'] = array(
        'name' => t('Mailru'),
        'callback' => 'video_filter_mailru',
        'regexp' => array(0 => '#video\.mail\.ru\/mail\/(.*?)\/([0-9]*?)\.html#i',
        'ratio' => 450 / 385,
    return $codecs;

function video_filter_mailru($video) {
    $video['source'] = ''.$video['codec']['matches'][1].'/$'.$video['codec']['matches'][2].($video['autoplay'] ? '&autoplay=1' : '');
    return video_filter_flash($video);

function video_filter_rutube($video) {
    $video['source'] = ''.$video['codec']['matches'][1].($video['autoplay'] ? '&autoplay=1' : '');
    return video_filter_flash($video);

Thank you for a module

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Category:task» feature

@mkonk64 - Can you roll a proper patch for this?

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Support is not expected?

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If I get a proper patch I'll review it.

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A you dont made proper patch?

I will help with testing

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No, but feel free to create a patch from the code in the first comment. Make sure it's up to coding standards though.

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I'am not coder (

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Hi all!

This code dasn`t works corectly
1. You don`t have image file (thumbnail)
2. you don`t have duration in seconds

some one have providers (file like or ?

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I'll try to implement the code from original post on my website later and will roll a patch if it works.

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Version:6.x-2.4» 6.x-3.x-dev
Status:Active» Needs work
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