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The UserRegistrationResource @RestResource plugin was added to Drupal 8 core — it's available at /user/register.

(Authenticated users can never register new users; to do that, they have to create a new user via the EntityResource at /user.)

This means that progressively or fully decoupled Drupal 8 sites can now let users register without having to create complex work-arounds.

See on how to configure and interact with REST resources.

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snehal.brahmbhatt’s picture

Yes, you are right.

One more resource added i.e User Registration but path seems missing, please find the attached screenshot.

Apart from this, there is my configuration for new resource i.e User Registeration. Please find the attached screenshot.

Now, while I am trying to execute the below code using Postman:

URL: http://drupal-8.2.x-dev/user/register
Method: POST
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json


It shows me user registration page in response.

Additionally, Here’s the attached screenshot for my users permission to access RESTful APIs.

Please need some quick help.


Wim Leers’s picture

Because this was not added to Drupal 8.2, but to Drupal 8.3. You must use Drupal 8.3 to be able to use this.