on any page that calls the fivestar widget from my site, it seems to dissable ALL of the css styling. I created a static html version of the broken site, and when i removed the widget css the site loads fine.

please see attachment

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oops, the attachment didnt go thru

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anyone have a clue on this? im desperately seeking resolution to this.

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I can offer a $50 bounty for help with this issue.

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alright, bumping the offer to $150 for the first person that can help resolve this. payment via paypal.

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I would say that a global UL style is overriding your star rating container style. But I need to see the website itself before I can confirm that.

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Ok, I misread the initial post.

Can I see your css code with and without the widget? There is a css file that comes with that particular module I'm sure.

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I'm as ready as the next guy to fix the problem, but we need to see some actual code (html & css). A screenshot is helpful, but it does not include enough information to track down the problem.

I'll check back later...

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

ghost25 was indeed able to help resolve the issue.

the problem ended up being the fact that the fivestar module injects its css styles before the template's style.css. I was able to comment out the lines in the fivestar module and manually add them to the template at the end of all the css declerations in order to get the site to render correctly in IE

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So, where my bounty!?!?

PM me for my PayPal email :)

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doh...ok so maybe it wasnt you. i just assumed you where the guy that emailed me and helped solve it. nm. he already got his bounty

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Title: fivestar css breaks template on IE7 » Fivestar CSS breaks template on IE7
Category: bug » support

Was this actually caused by a bug in Fivestar? If needed, please post whatever it was that was broken and how it was fixed so that we can prevent other uses from running into the same problem. Otherwise, I'm marking as a support request and assume that something in the theming was breaking things.

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see comment #8. i would consider it a bug, as i had to hack up the fivestar manual to get it working right

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Category: support » bug
Priority: Critical » Normal
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Hi there,

I'm also having this problem. I'm using Panels2 and the lost of formatting occurs basically in the paragraghs and text styles, only on IE7 (I had tested also with FF2 and that's ok). Can someone please tell me what is the workaround in the Fivestar CSS files?

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Version: 5.x-1.12 » 5.x-1.13

Same issue here. It working fine in FF3 and Google Chrome. Since most people are using IE, I am not sure whether to catgorise this as critical but wil leave it as it is. Its breaking some of my other modules in IE7. Hope someone can post the solution here. Thanks!

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I'm still completely lost on where this problem exists (in code) or what's causing it. Fivestar (like every other module) adds it's CSS before the theme layer yes. Is there code in the theme that's causing it to break then? It works fine in all the core themes in every browser, afaik.

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I am not much of a coder myself..sorry that I can't help much.

I have attached 2 screenshots of the fivestar admin page using garland theme. Its breaking the css of the theme in IE7 but appears fine in FF and Chrome. All other pages are working fine so far in IE7 except the fivestar admin page. Hope it helps..

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I just found the real reason behind my theme break. It due to a this http://drupal.org/node/228818.

Its solved by switching on the css aggregation. Sorry for the confusion and thanks!

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Thank dropchew! That explains a lot. Fivestar currently opens a new <style> tag for every widget available on the site. Since my dev site doesn't have a lot of modules displaying CSS on that page, I wasn't experience the issue. I'll see what I can do about putting all the CSS in a single declaration.

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Status: Active » Fixed
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I've fixed this with the attached patch. Thanks again dropchew for pointing this one out!

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How can make this patch work for Drupal 6?

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Title: Fivestar CSS breaks template on IE7 » Combine admin page styles to avoid 30 CSS file limit in IE

Updating title to note what was fixed.

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Bug still exists in latest d6 version of fivestar - 6.x-1.18
I cannot combine css files because the site is still in dev.

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Let me conclude the whole problem and it's related solution once for all.

Yes, the IE doesn't support more than 30 (or 32) styles(style tags). We can over come it by enabling the "Optimise CSS file" option in the Configuration->Performance page. HOWEVER, doing that will lead drupal to create a number of style sheets in default->files->css directory with random names trailing to 20 characters. (The CSS directory will be created automatically). Even deleting the CSS directory won't work. It will be created again once you reload the page. Now, instead of our style sheet, the web pages will be taking style characteristics from the random style sheets created automatically. If you dissable the "Optimise CSS file", this problem will be solved. But, keeping it dissabled will again lead to that 30-32 limit of IE problem. So, WHAT TO DO? :-(


Just keep the "Optimise CSS file" option dissabled. Download module http://drupal.org/project/unlimited_css (There is also another module http://drupal.org/project/stylestripper but I havn't used it). Now, just upload and enable the "unlimited_css module" (you need not configure it) and then whenever you reload page, it will take multiple style sheets into one style tag and both the problems of IE as well as of automatically created style sheets will be avoided :-)