Download panopoly-7.x-1.32-core.tar.gztar.gz 20.21 MB
MD5: ad4cd9b5146f56315649d56ae762e303
SHA-1: 8b52e5837f425b4fa48822935d6853df434b607d
SHA-256: b3b6078b655ec5910ea9f0541fa329901fd01acf3f4dab7219ad5de5b1af0a30
Download panopoly-7.x-1.32-core.zipzip 23.21 MB
MD5: 007e5c75807cffd4615cf04d0323fa54
SHA-1: 07679c851009fd8a6ad316f2b687e3576b47af4f
SHA-256: 34b7fed8dae8cf27ff1eb577bdd1dc029dfaa02c6e242652764530a080e4d758
Download panopoly-7.x-1.32-no-core.tar.gztar.gz 17.04 MB
MD5: c673010cc16a21892007da8ae1c3165a
SHA-1: 80d05593dff3c3f9f770a0a6788fcaed3a721182
SHA-256: 30a0944e02175cad8e6cb91c45fcc7d0d7905e9e94a768701a3a47483eba75c1
Download panopoly-7.x-1.32-no-core.zipzip 19.34 MB
MD5: 8c4bf6d3ca9d6c390b485a49155a4519
SHA-1: 53dc9b067b22c26e70afd9522e0bae06809f6a7a
SHA-256: f8bfcd2970fba5401855b51375f49ffd59cf55de9e729b9fe3fb8babd23b78b9
Download panopoly-7.x-1.32.tar.gztar.gz 263.22 KB
MD5: dd4c9d2ee31c8ce009cce1749f6fbbc4
SHA-1: e336d9a7c9a6df0e5a96efde1509708940552cfa
SHA-256: a912720e65268ed7d3dd8e81e2d06a3502bd26ed703f83f5bdb00eed194e1ecb
Download panopoly-7.x-1.32.zipzip 274.45 KB
MD5: fdf4104227c39d92605808e6750d90a3
SHA-1: 8ad81c45626e15e5b33063d8681df9b2e0206875
SHA-256: 3679ae387da816b0201e4aac1f39d224f170013836c80d7e4885a1021a645ee2

Release info

Created by: dsnopek
Created on: 3 Mar 2016 at 17:45 UTC
Last updated: 23 Feb 2017 at 03:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

This release includes a fix for a moderately critical security vulnerabilities in Fieldable Panels Panes:

Fieldable Panels Panes - Moderately Critical - Access Bypass - SA-CONTRIB-2016-014

Since the last release was a week ago, there are no other changes than this security fix.

Instructions on how to upgrade:

Please see the Upgrading Panopoly guide!

We support updating from Panopoly 1.15 (or newer) to this version.

All changes in this release:

Changes since 7.x-1.31:

  • Getting ready for the 1.32 release
  • Update Panopoly Core for Issue #2679947 by cboyden: Security update to fieldable panels panes 1.8
  • Start testing upgrades from the 1.31 release.
  • Restored drupal-org.make after the 1.31 release


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