After I posted this enhancement request and @drumm responded I discovered a third-party page that has a list of 8.x modules and that might suffice until's list itself can be enhanced. The page, by Adrian Rollett of Bluespark, doesn't currently contain a filter for release status. However, I've asked him to include such a filter and its possible that he will be able to do so before @drumm's change is done? (Simply because of many competing priorities for overworked folks including drumm. :)

Enhancement Request: Please add another filter to the project module list that allows people to filter out project modules that are merely in a development or alpha or beta stage for a particular release, e.g. version 8.

There are currently 1,312 modules for 8.x, but a lot of them are only dev or alpha or beta so that number is very misleading. I have an 8.0.2 site, and I only want to see production-ready versions and not dev, alpha, beta, or even rc versions. (Or maybe just production-ready and rc versions through a multi-select filter.)

The filter could perhaps be based on one of two criteria:

  1. The different release lists/categories: "Recommended Releases", "Other Releases", and "Development Releases".
  2. Or,

  3. The version text itself, because the naming conventions means that they include the text "dev", "alpha", "beta", or "rc" when they are one of those types.

The first is probably better because it presumably will not require text parsing. However, not all of the project modules use the different release lists/categories consistently. For example, the "Token" project has an "alpha" version in the "Recommended Releases" list/category, and it seems that "alpha" versions should be in either the "Other Releases" or "Development Releases" list/category. However, maybe project owners would resolve those kinds of inconsistencies if the project module list has a filter based on the release list/category.


JonAtDrupalOrg created an issue. See original summary.

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Project: customizations » Project
Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev

This isn't indexed conveniently in Solr right now as far as I can tell.

project_solr_apachesolr_index_document_build_node() is currently the place that would be convenient to add this. I'd like to see all indexing-related code be moved from project_solr to project module, so using the project module queue for now.

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Regarding @drumm's comment, the field that would need to be indexed in SOLR appears to be the field that corresponds to the API field "field_release_version_extra" (on nodes of type "project_release"). It appears that the field is either null or empty when the release is a production release (versus, for example, "dev").

Until then, if anybody wants to roll their own solution, then they can try accessing data through the API.

(UPDATE: Adrian Rollett and Bluespark have the start of such a solution. I've posted a comment there and asked them to enhance their list to include release type as a filter, e.g. dev, alpha, beta, rc, and null/empty (which equals "prod", apparently)).

Here is the URl to retrieve the first page of 8.x releases ("8.x" is category "7234").

For each page, and for each item in each page's list: the JSON attribute "field_release_version_extra" is empty or null if the release is a production release. (Otherwise it contains a value like "dev".) (Because it can be either null or empty, and because you apparently can't query the API for null values, it is currently impossible to include the field as a parameter in the above URL for nodes of type "project_release".)

Each production release can then be tied to its parent project module through the release JSON attribute "", which equals the project module JSON attribute "nid". The name of the project module is in the project module JSON attribute "title", while its url is in "url". Here's a sample URL for retrieving the project module for when the release attribute is equal to 3236:

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Component: User interface » ApacheSolr integration
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Until then, if anybody wants to roll their own solution, then they can try accessing data through the API.

Link to API was broken. Since finding this by searching is nearly impossible, I think @JonFreed intended to link to

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Title: Add a filter on project modules for release status (e.g. dev, alpha, beta, rc, prod) » Add a filter on project browsing pages for release status (e.g. dev, alpha, beta, rc, prod)

This applies to all project browsing pages, including themes, etc, not just modules.

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Assigned: Unassigned » drumm

  • drumm committed 620b01e on 7.x-2.x
    Issue #2659570: Index if a project has a full stable release
  • drumm committed bf7403b on 7.x-2.x
    Issue #2659570: Add $api_tids argument to...
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The first portion of this has been deployed. We’ll now be indexing if each project has a supported stable (aka full) release in each API compatibility (7.x, 8.x, etc).

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Project: Project » customizations
Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Component: ApacheSolr integration » User interface

Moving to customizations for exposing this in the UI.

  • drumm committed 681d8e5 on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2659570: Move project browsing form in from project_solr and...
  • drumm committed c6b0e69 on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #2659570: Add a filter on project browsing pages for has a stable...
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Status: Active » Fixed

This has been deployed.

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This is great! Thanks Neil!

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