Installing Drupal on Windows for local usage

Last updated on
11 July 2017

In this section you will learn how to set up a local test site on your Windows box. You will need to do two things on your computer:

  1. Install the software that Drupal needs in order to run.
  2. Install Drupal itself.

You can do both of these at the same with an installer that includes Drupal, or you can install each piece of software individually.

Installers that include Drupal.

These installers, in one package, include Drupal and all of the other software you need to run Drupal on your computer:


First you'll install the software Drupal needs. Several packages exist which install Apache, PHP, MySQL and some other useful components in one easy download. These include the following:

A comparison of many packages can be found at Wikipedia.

Then you can follow the instructions in the standard installation guide.

Don't know which to choose?

If you are bewildered by all these options, just want some nice easy instructions to follow, go and have a look at Simple install of Drupal on XAMPP. Trying out Drupal on your Windows machine couldn't be easier.