Drupal 8 and Commerce 2.x are coming, we must have Commerce Stock, and we want it to be a much improved version.

Proposed resolution

I have been thinking about this for a while and have a plan for its architecture, however I have loads to catch up on D8 and commerce 2.x so anyone with knowledge in those areas that is interested in helping do get in touch.

Remaining tasks

The development process of development will have 4 steps. I will appreciate feedback on 1 & 3 & help on 2 &4:

1) Architecture
Define the high level functionality. started on Stock for D8: Architecture & high level functionality
2) Technology
Identify the technology (APIs) and techniques needed

3) Technical Architecture
Create implementation issues

4) Development
Get it all done

API changes

The current stock module had a sort of plugin architecture, thanks to Drupal moving to OOP, I am expecting for this to be properly implemented for 8.


guy_schneerson created an issue. See original summary.

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first task:
Need to create an 8 branch so can assign this and other 8 related issues to.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 8.x-1.x-dev
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You have an opinion on what the new version of stock should do checkout the architecture issue and feedback

Want to help get in touch :)

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I don't know, if you're actually working together, but there's a port available on Github:

It's mentioned in here:

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Hi @agoradesign yes I am aware and skyred has been updating me on progress.
they implemented some of the architecture in #2618906: Stock for D8: Architecture & high level functionality but their objective is to get something working for their use case while I am putting more effort into the architecture and making this a robust contrib module. I monitor the github repo regularly.
Also have to report that I have made loads of progress on both low level functionality and a plugable service architecture lately. should write a post myself but making to much good progress to stop and write about it :)

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That's great news! :-)

Just wanted to ensure that no one wastes his valuable time because of not knowing that some other person has already done great work too...

I'm looking forward to commerce_stock :) (unfortunately (or luckily) I don't need it in my current e-commerce projects, so I won't have the need to contribute by myself here...)

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Hows the progress? I will need this module for a D8 commerce project soon, am willing to help out.

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Hi kscheirer,
The module has a loot ready and will not take much for a functioning basic version.
In short:

  • The Stock handling API is mostly complete
  • Configuration (not essential for basic operation) - to do
  • UI - basic
  • Commerce integration - The biggest to do item and at list partially needs implementing on the Commerce side.
(If you send me a list of requirements I can be more specific )

Help would be great.

I will not have much time before Drupalcon Dublin but happy to arrange a Skype chat.

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HI Guy,

Hows development of commerce_stock for D8 coming along?

I'd be happy to do testing for you, wheres the latest code to be found?


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@tasmaniaman, Work is happening here in the d.o issue queue, with PRs at Jump in! Jump on IRC and look for me (@steveoliver) if you need help finding an issue.

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Any ETA on an alpha release?

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Hi Jon@s
We are making good progress We have two hurdles to resolve before we can think of an Alpha:
#2858391: Add Support for multiple stores & clean up locations store relationship
#2710107: Finalize the availability manager service