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Allows to use IMCE module with Wysiwyg module.

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No need for port.

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No port to D8

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legaudinier created an issue. See original summary.

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Curious: is this module still relevant with D8 shipping with CKEditor + image embedding?

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@webchick ... I use IMCE with CKEDITOR on Drupal 8 all the time. IMCE 8.x-1.4 and the latest Drupal core version. No bridge needed, it integrates on the admin/config/media/imce screen that shows once you install IMCE. On the extend screen, no prerequisites show when you look at IMCE. So this can't be needed.

Since I know you are influential and working on larger projects related to media and ckeditor, and for what it's worth, media embedding (as of December 22, 2016) via the ckeditor implementation in Drupal 8 is basically useless. You noted the same thing more than two years ago in


more than two years ago, and despite great (and appreciated) efforts in that thread, if anything the situation has gone backwards. If it were not for IMCE (and quite honestly just using an FTP client) and a couple of contrib and even sandbox plugins (such as IMAGEUPLOAD) the ckeditor screen would be almost totally useless for managing images. I hope that core progress going forward does nothing to affect IMCE.

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Sounds like there is no requirement for this bridge anymore. Set Status to `Closed (duplicate)`. Functionality is provided by core and other module.