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Integrates the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor with text field editing forms. This module has been moved into Drupal 8 core and is no longer a contributed module in Drupal 8.

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# Dependencies

Core's "editor" module; see below

# Who's doing the port?

Core team :)

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Related core issues include:



Kazanir created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: [module_short_name] Module Human-Readable Name (Issue Template) » [ckeditor] CKEditor
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Hello, I am having a serious RTL problem with the Drupal 8 version on the module; It's basically unusable for me in that state... I've detailed it in great detail here - Please take a look.

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is this possible for ckeditor to allow custom-tag with "-"(hyphen) in element name. for example:
config.allowedContent = 'js[*](*); ab[*](*); tentpole-content[*](*)';

Please advice if "hyphen allowed" in element's name or not?

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For many Drupal releases I used CKEditor. In Drupal 8 what has happened while in CKEditor to click on an image and choose Image Properties. Modified Width, Height, Border, Hspace, Vspace, Alignment and so on. In Drupal 8 I no longer have this option. Must be another way to accomplish this (short of manually changing the source code) but I can't seem to find it.

Following is what used to be there previous to Drupal 8

Only local images are allowed.

Thanks Much

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My full support for john54's comment above!

Is it possible to install in Drupal 8 a «usual» version of CKEditor?

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Good work, thanks!
Where I could report a bug?
to "Styles dropdown" (/admin/config/content/formats/manage/basic_html) is not working for me, it doesn't appear in the UI.
And I have not any available button for adding this tag.

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Issue tags: +image properties, +align

CKEditor on Drupal 8 don't have Image Properties anymore? How can I change image align options?