I'm trying to find why I can't access the token tab (node/NID/devel/token). I get this error:

Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded

and at last the WPOD :-)

Does anybody got the same problem? Or it's only related to my install?

Thanks for any advice/idea.


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I would guess there are some recursive tokens that the Token viewer isn't handling well. I was getting out-of-memory errors, adjusted memory_limit in php.ini way up, and then I was getting maximum execution exceeded errors like you were.

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This seems to be a pretty important feature to be able to configure. I am having the same problem where it times out. Is there a way we could perhaps select which tokens we'd like it to render for the page? I'm trying to trouble shoot what the values for my tokens are, but am having a very hard time and this feature would help immensely.

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Project: Devel » Token
Component: devel » Code

Moving to the token issue queue since the functionality is offered by token module