Apple News module provides an easy way to get your Drupal site's content into Apple News.

This package contains three submodules:

  • Apple News: The core of the module and all you need if you are writing your own destinations.
  • Apple News Extra: Additional preconfigured destinations including Instagram, Twitter and embedded video.
  • Apple News Example: A fully functional example to use as a base for your own module with a fully styled node export.

Read our blog post about how to use Apple News module.

Key features

  • Build custom Apple News layout.
  • Ability to export content to preview in the News Preview application.
  • Bulk export to Apple News.
  • Export individual content to Apple News.
  • Integration with Views allows to build custom reports.
  • Built-in plugin system allows extend module components by adding support to almost any field types.


The Apple News module requires Entity API and Libraries API modules.

Install Views module if you would like to see Apple News published content and build your custom reports.

The module depends on two PHP libraries (to see required versions please enable Apple News module):

The AppleNewsAPI is also available on Packagist.


  • PHP version 5.4 and above. Version 5.3 and below will cause a fatal error.
  • Drupal 7. The late version of Drupal 7 is recommended.
  • PHP compiled with cURL support. Check by going to /admin/reports/status/php on your Drupal site and looking for 'curl'. If not enabled, do a Google search for 'enable curl php [your server type]'.

See file for more instructions.


With the 1.x branch you have to utilize the module API via a custom module to truly customize the exported content. The 2.x branch adds an administrative interface that gives site builders this ability without having to write code.


Chapter Three

Initial development and ongoing maintenance.

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