i want to upgrade my site to 6.2 from 5.7 but this the only module i'm waiting for. Is there any plan for 6.x??


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Any plans of 6.x?

I am planning to explore this module for a indian language website!

Is there any work going on 6.x version?
( if not, then i can try to help in getting 6.x version)


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I would also love to know the answer to this


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Any update, please let us know otherwise we have to stick with drupal 5.x....

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Yes, it will help many. Please make a port to Drupal 6.

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New committer added to the project Prasad Shirgaonkar has promised to spend some time and upgrade this module to 6.x
I will try to get an ETA for this upgrade from him

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I have modified the code for Drupal 6.x, please have a look. This module is working as expected in my environment.

@Tushar Joshi - Please add Drupal 6.x version

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Title: Any paln for Drupal 6.2? » Any plan for Drupal 6.2?
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The update for Drupal 6.x is committed the release will get reflected after some time

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