Follow-up to #2247291: Reorder tabs in configuration UI


In #2247291: Reorder tabs in configuration UI it was suggested that single export/import may not be appropriate for core, and if it remains then work may be required on its UI.

Proposed resolution


Remaining tasks


User interface changes


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I'll just mention that there is a contrib module that would be an appropriate place to move this, if it is deemed to be not appropriate for Core. Also this contrib module depends on the existence of the import/export functionality.

I'd also like to find a new maintainer or co-maintainer for that module, by the way... I just don't have so much time for contrib module maintaining lately, and I'm trying rather than doing a bad job of contrib module maintaining, to find new maintainers instead.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Closing as single import/export will not be removed this close to RC and UI has been reviewed with UX team.