Suppose I have a view page, a list domain/training_list_basic

Is there a way to alias this list with language paths:

And disable/hide default view path (training_list_basic)?


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I think the way to do this is to add translated aliases using the url alias core module.

Try following steps for creating translated path:

- Create a Page View and enter the Title and Path in English. i.e Recent Article and 'recent/article'.
- Save your view
- Navigate to your newly created view, so Drupal adds the strings to the translation table.
- Then go to (admin/config/search/path if you are using D7 else go to admin/build/path) and click Add alias
- In Existing system path, enter the URL you just created (eg recent/article).
- In Path alias, enter the URL you want in the other language (Ex. reciente/artículo for Spanish).
- Make sure you set the language to the adjoining language (Ex Spanish) and press Create new alias.

It is how you can create multiple urls for each language. Not sure if there are any better way doing it.

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I had a similar problem. I have a view page path for English and a view page path for Spanish with a different jump-menu header. I enabled the "Path translation" sub-module under the Internationalization module, then went to Configuration->Translation sets->Paths. I added a translation between the English view page path and the Spanish view page path. Works perfectly!

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Works perfect. Thank you. You saved me a day