I see that Node Profile has been replaced in Drupal 6 by Content Profile. Will Usernode be ported to Drupal 6 or is there now a different recommended solution?


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hm, I think my personal suggestion will be: Don't use it any more. Views supports listing users now, so the need for usernodes is (mostly) gone. So I don't think that I'll create a 6.x version. If anyone else wants and is willing to maintain (6.x), please do so and contact me.

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If you need to be able to comment on or rate users the most common solution is to use usernode. Or is there another module that can take care of that?

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Why not just a content profile, which you let automatically create e.g. by using rules?

But yes, this is valid use case. However as written above, this is no interesting use case for me so I won't work on usernode 6.x. If anyone else wants and is willing to maintain (6.x), please do so and contact me.

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I also see a requirement for protecting certain fields of the user details from most members (certain roles may see all details) so that a drupal database may be used as a membership database.

or am I missing a method of protecting only certain fields?



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Does this mean that Usernode for Drupal 5 will no longer be supported? I'm asking because I have a question re: some feature development I need (by another developer, if necessary); I need to understand some basics. See:


Just a reply would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Since this module isn't moving on to D6 I'd like to suggest adding a link to Content Profile in the module description.

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hello, i got an issue and i only see usernode as a solution...

i use content_profile on D6

how can I get the user link as an argument in a node type views?
i want to do a block with the user picture linked to their user page and not to their profile page. I'm using a node type views cause I want to use a CCK image field.

i tried a user type views and got no results...
using the core user picture i can get the user link using "user/%" but i dont want to use it if that can be done with a cck field.

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hey! nevermind! i got there!

i just realized that i could create a uid field excluded from the view and get it in the pic url with: [uid]
so i dont need core user image system anymore!

and i think i dont need usernode then!

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i upgraded from D5 to D6.

My site is very slow.

I realize now that I had usernodes in my database but no usernode module.

My lesson is that I should uninstall usernode before I upgrade.

Is there a negative effect to this? Will information be lost?

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Hi all,

I have a content type especially made for storing location details (address, phone number etc.)

When a user is created, I want them to be able to pick which location they are from, preventing double entry of data and allowing for future linkage between a user and their location.

I can see that there is a select list option when creating a profile field, but it only allows manually entry of the options in the list.

Did Usernode allow this to work? Without a D6 version is there any other way of doing this?


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I also upgraded from D5 to D6, and then later realised that I was stuck with all these usernodes.

I have just got rid of them by installing the 5-1.4 version of the module with these patches:

I enabled and disabled the module, and then used the module uninstall option that actually deleted all the usernodes.

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The problem with using views to list users is that I cant use imagecache in user pictures..Is there a way around?

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yes you can... just create a node type relationship selecting the content profile option. then you can add fileds of images using imagecache presets.

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@Jax this module is for user profiles and not cck fields of a content profile.

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... which is what #13 asked ...

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So, does anyone have a working procedure for migrating content from this module to drupal 6, content profile, or whatever.

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Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community

This was really simple. You just have to configure content profile in the admin section for the usernode content type.

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Great; I suggest you post your changes to this forum and mail fago (http://drupal.org/user/16747) so that he can add it to the module as a patch and as a version for 6.x-dev


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This is all UI for me right now. So here is a proposed PEBCAK patch. After migration to Drupal 6

  1. Download and install content_profile.
  2. Navigate to admin/content/node-type/usernode.
  3. Click on the Content Profile fieldset.
  4. Check off "Use this content type as a content profile for users".
  5. Save content type.

I've posted these instructions as a handbook page and am mailing Fago now.

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Title: Drupal 6 version » Drupal 6 version (Migrate to Content Profile)
Category: feature » support
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I forgot to include an sql command to make sure the usernode is still available post migration to do this:

UPDATE node_type SET module='node' WHERE module='usernode';

I have updated the handbook page to reflect this.

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This version of Usernode is not supported anymore. The issue is closed for this reason.
Please upgrade to a supported version and feel free to reopen the issue on the new version if applicable.

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