An old friend contacted me about two weeks ago. He left a voice mail letting me know that he had some work for me but wasn't sure I'd be interested because of the content. I called him back to discuss what the content would be and to get more info on the project itself. He told me that he and a friend wanted to work together and run a couple of adult gallery and porn sites and that he had remembered that I was using Drupal for a lot of my work (mainstream projects).

As he went through all the particulars of the project and how he wanted things to display, I was thinking to my self, wow this is the first person to ask me to make a porno site for them. I was surprised and ready to launch into a rant about standards and how hard it would be to get into that business anyways, but then I started thinking. I wondered if I could do it? He was willing to pay a grip of cash to get it done and trusted me more than someone he didn't know. So, I told him I would think about it and that I would have to do some research to see if what he wanted could be done in a short time.

I went through the list of items, did some research and checked each one off.

1. A random gallery of thumbnail photos that link to full galleries. (Panels, Views)
2. A way to track how popular a thumbnail is and display them in a special gallery. (custom build)
3. Keywords for each thumbnail added and to display a gallery based on keyword. (easy)
4. Rotating banner ads and click through tracking (I would have to build it custom)
5. Link exchange and click tracking (easy)

I still wasn't sure I wanted to take the project on because of the nature of the content and all the legal stuff included. Now, I am a grown man and I have seen my fair share of internet porn so I can't say that I am above it. So on with more research. I googled keywords "Porn Revenue" (without the quotes). Clicked on the first link. WOW! $97.06 Billion in 2006, That was crazy I thought. I did some more research and found that the affiliate marketing revenue made about 14% of this. So, regular people (men and women) with a little SEO knowledge and a fast hosting company that will let them serve porn can make a great deal of money doing this. I kept thinking how easy it would be to do this and that I could quit my day job and just focus on this to make some great cash. I know SEO, I have friends that work at google in Seattle. HA HA HA, I was getting a little ahead of myself. I knew nothing about any of this. Besides, I'm sure there is no way that I was able to make thousands or even millions without having a network of these sites going.

I settled down and thought to myself that I would just accept the project and see how it went. I figured that I would just have to treat this like any other client and focus on the business goals. I told my friend that if I thought at any time that anything was illegal, I would have to stop working on the project. He agreed and we signed that "contract" ;)

So, I started building the site.

The site is My friend and his partner have added all of the gallery thumbs and are starting to build out the link list and the site is still under development. The site focuses on the "Teen Porn" category of gallery sites. I was surprised that the URL was actually available and that would allow porn. Pretty good hosting company as they offer a great deal of space and bandwidth.

It looks as though it is getting pretty good reviews from the porn community. All in all, I think this is a great showcase of how strong drupal is. I was able to build a content rich site in a matter of a week. with some great features for my client to use and manage his content.

Before you report this, or go on a rant about standards, really think about how this shows the power of Drupal. I know that adult content is frowned upon. If everyone hates it so much, then why is it the best business on the internet today and for the last 10 years?




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Wow, this sounds like an infomercial for porn sites, and an opportunity to make money off of a referral link for hosting, more than a nod for Drupal. But hey...

Is teen porn legal now in the US?

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I was concerned about this but didn't want to go to the site myself so I asked on IRC. The teens here are 18/19, which is legal in the US and probably most countries where porn itself is legal. Since there doesn't appear to be anything illegal, I'm going to leave the post.


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Not that I could vouch for their actual records or anything, but they appear to have the appropriate 2257 compliance notices and it just looks like your average, legal, mainstream porn posting site. But done in Drupal.

I agree it reads a little like a porn webmaster infomercial (and Dreamhost? Fast?!), but hey, I'd call it a legit site showcase.

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I made sure I did a lot of research on this before I started the project. I found out that the majority of girls that do porn are between the ages of 18 to 23. Once they hit age 25 they are considered old hags. I also found out that most girls start because they have a boyfriend who wants them to do it or they seek it out thinking it will lead to a glamorous lifestyle. While most girls can make a few grand in one day, some can make millions if they sign a contract and get a piece of the DVD and internet sales. the majority end up getting to deep in th party lifestyle and get hooked on coke or the needle and fall out of site. Probably, not what they thought would happen.

It is a pretty interesting industry and the people that I spoke with all seemed very professional. It leads me to believe that the majority of the industry is not run by dirty old men but business savvy college grads looking to make a lot of money and dirty old men.

My friend already wants me to clone this site and make 20 more. I told him to cut me in on the profit of the first and I'll think about it. ;)

It was very easy to create using Drupal and now that I have this under my belt it will help me on my mainstream sites.

Thanks for not removing this, I think it will help others trying to learn how to do this. It shows that drupal can be used to make so many different types of sites, not just a standard boring blog. I know that is also created with drupal. Popsugar really show how well Drupal can be adapted to any idea. They really have expanded the sugar-network and I am happy for theie success and Drupal's success. I'm just waiting for hahaha!



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"Thanks for not removing this"

As long as there's nothing illegal, there's no reason to remove it. We're not going to censor showcase sites on content. ;)

"It shows that drupal can be used to make so many different types of sites, not just a standard boring blog."

Well, yeah, of course it can. There are thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of Drupal sites that aren't blogs. Lots more than just the *Sugar ones.


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there is something pornographic sounding about the word "drupal"
i must say, i thought the design was a little disappointing. it looks like you put everything out on the front page i dont know why fully exposed bodies have to be on the front page.. then again, i am not a prospective customer
ie male. so i dont know the target audience.

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The thumbnails load to slowly.

And the two links at the top, primary menu don't really work at all.

What theme did you modify, or is it custom ?

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I always find the 'teen porn' claims that all models are 18 or over is just bs.
Suffice to look at the images of the thumbs to see kids younger than 18, some look 14.
The 'they are 18' is just a cover.
Everyone knows the whole point of this type of porn is to make money from exploiting youngsters & feeding the perverts who must obviously be lacking something in their lives.

The whole 'teen porn' thing is quite sad & kind of legalised way of being able to fantasize over girls who look very very young.
And often they are very very young. Most wil not be in the US, but from elsewhere where it's easier to exploit the youngsters & it makes it extremely
difficult to trace who the person is & how old they really are.
Teen porn is just closet paedophilia if you ask me.

Bit harsh ? Nope, not when you know what this stuff does to people & the sickness it spawns.

So drupal was used. Wow, like amazing.
I guess the only reason this is posted here is to generate traffic.

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is legal and correctly named if the girl is 18 or 19 years of age. All girls featured on this site are at least 18 yo. Most of the girls live in the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, or Arizona. Some in Hawaii and some in the Seattle area. My friend and I would never add anything that looks like child pornography or illegal. It doesn't matter if a girl looks to young as long as she is at least 18yo. We just follow the law and do what we are allowed to do. is a perfectly good example of something that can be done with drupal. This was not a way to get a bunch of links or to increase google ranking as uses rell="nofollow" when creating external links.

The site is doing fine now and is gaining momentum every day. Yesterday we had over 2,000 hits and I'm sure we will get over 3,000 soon. It is completely legit and fun to see how may people love new porn sites. It is a multi billion dollar a year industry.

Usually you find that people that badmouth things like this are people who watch a lot but don't want anyone to know. It's why a lot or republicans outwardly say homosexuals are bad...They are usually gay themselves. ;) Go Obama Go!



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So I Read this Post by @eat24 on Reddit about how to Market their business on Porn sites.

It made me wonder, how many porn sites are there on Drupal.

Anyway figured I would share this interesting, innovative marketing strategy.

This post does slightly resemble a promotion for Dreamhost. Interesting strategy dreamhost!

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I like it. Using VPS server?

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How could you possibly like the site when the domain is no longer active? Spam? Think so.