META: Plan for Draggable Views 7.x-2.2 release (2445089)

I have compile a roadmap to the next release, and the notable major & minor changes since 7.x-2.1.



Integrate with Tree module

I envision the tree module to provide the best methods to organizing hierarchy storing of information. We should depend on it instead of trying to find a method to do it ourselves. This may not get into 7.x-2.2, but 7.x-2.3.

Tree module currently has it own draggable view method. Speaking with the Tree maintainer I envision this to be dropped, and to depend on draggableviews module to provide the best method to interact with the users.


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Title: META: Plan for Draggable Views 7.x-2.2 release » Plan for Draggable Views 7.x-2.2 release
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As it stands now, the 7.x-2.x branch isn't working - when you reorder something and hit save, the weights aren't reloaded on the form, they all show a weight of -16. I'll see which issues might help.

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Never mind, 7.x-2.x-dev works if you don't manually set a sorter via the table settings X-)

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#4 is actually correct, at least in some instances - sorting with the native handler is pretty broken in the latest dev version. The issue to fix it is #2734155: Sorting using the native handler is broken in the latest dev version, especially when hierarchy is used and presumably that should be added as a release blocker also.

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With almost all of our sites using the 2.1-dev branch, and a new DEV release, is it to revisit this issue?

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Maybe, I have been spending my time on 8.x right now.

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Definitely getting 8.x-1.1 out the door then I might have time to loop back for a few lingering issue before pushing out 7.x-2.2

#2906059: Plan for Draggable Views 8.x-1.1 release

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Wanted to add a plus one for fixing the issue with draggable views and exposed filters on drupal 7 please. This is a great module, but my nodes need to be filtered by taxonomy so removing that isn't an option. The only other solution I've found so far is the weight module, which would require me to edit and save each node with a weight. :(

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I would like to propose #1993264: Support for Editable Views for inclusion in 2.2.