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If a custom logo is not specified, Drupal will search in the active theme for a default logo image file. This has been changed from a PNG file to a SVG file.

Themes that were providing a default logo.png will need to provide a logo.svg. PNG logos, or other image formats, can always be used by uploading the logo as a custom logo.

Themers can create extra custom settings in their themes to give support to non-SVG default logos.

Consider that SVGs will not always have height and width dimensions, and that adding an SVG file with no dimensions could affect the styling of your theme.

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ivanjaros’s picture

To use non-svg file create a file in your theme in THEME_NAME/config/install/THEME_NAME.settings.yml and paste this code in it BEFORE installation(or re-install the theme so the config get's loaded):

  path: 'themes/THEME_NAME/logo.png'
  use_default: false
phponwebsites’s picture

+1 for this. It works fine.

joegl’s picture

I have the following in my install.settings.yml:

  path: 'themes/*theme*/logo.png'
  use_default: false

It fails to load because it writes the following URI: htttp://*theme*/logo.png

Our sites are on a multi-site, so the URI to the theme is:*sitename*/themes/*theme*

Is there another approach which dynamically identifies the theme folder?

ivanjaros’s picture

Try adding forward slash.

ramadan.alsaeidi’s picture

You need to reinstall the theme or add the settings before installing the theme and make sure the path is correct

In my case I am using bootstrap as a base theme:

  path: 'themes/custom/THEMENAME/logo.png'
  use_default: false